Up-date on Lady A & The WOTC

We have had numerous emails in regards to Lady A’s health.  She came through the surgery fine.  The doctors did remove a large tumor from her hip. Her right hip was replaced after they removed the tumor. At the last doctor’s visit, it was determined she also had a tumor on her ankle bone. You could see it, it was big enough it was protruding from the bone. It was also removed during this surgery. The doctors believe they got all of the tumors from both places. Lady A has a rare genetic disease that stems from her liver. Perhaps, I might not explain it right but the doctors said her liver had nodes on it. These nodes could grow and spread tumors throughout her entire body. Now that her hip and ankle tumor have been removed, the doctors still have a fibroid on her uterus to remove and also figure out what to do about the nodes on her liver. The doctors couldn’t do all the surgeries at one time because it would have been too much for her. She will have to have chemo for a period of time. Which means she will be out for several months.


Lady A had been teaching my brother and myself how to operate the WOTC because she knew this was coming. We are planning on starting the WOTC back up on either the 4th or 5th of July. We are currently in the process of building a store on GoDaddy and all the proceeds from that site will go toward Lady A’s medical expenses. Working at a non-profit organization, she did not have health coverage nor do any of us. Right now, her medical bills are going to be catastrophic. We love her and we are doing everything we can to help her with at least some of the bills because she has a fight ahead of her. We don’t believe she should have to worry about the bills while she is trying to recover. When the shop opens we will announce it and please remove every dime of the money made from that shop will go to Lady A for her medical expenses. If you would like to donate, you will find a button below to do so.


I know it won’t be the same without her but she will be here in spirit. I also know she will probably sneak in when from time to time. She is a strong woman and we have every confidence that she is going to make a 100% recovery. Thank you for your thoughts and concerns for her. Continue to pray for her recovery during this period of her life.




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