Your Horoscopes for Friday, June 23rd

Your Horoscopes for Friday, June 23rd



Aries Horoscope

The New Moon today occurs in your sector of home and family, dear Aries, bringing fresh energy into your life for personal and domestic pursuits. This is a time when you can learn profound things, not only about your current affairs but also about your life path and direction, by getting in touch with your true feelings. In many ways, you can think of this New Moon as a push to reconnect with yourself — to check in with your feelings and comfort levels before pressing forward. On another, more literal level, this can be a good cycle in which to start fresh with home projects or to reorganize or remodel your living space. There can be a move, preparations for an eventual relocation, or the resolve to become more active with family or to take more time off for enjoying home life. Also occurring now is a Venus-Pluto aspect that is powerful for your practical affairs, particularly for purchasing items for business or drawing up plans for improving your work. There can be positive feedback for your work or talents now. You are making stronger financial and relationship decisions.


Taurus HoroscopeThe New Moon today occurs in your solar third house, dear Taurus, and this signals busy weeks ahead. You’re motivated to make valuable, happy connections and contacts, learn new things, improve your skills, and come up with new ideas. You more readily reach out to others and meet up with opportunities and benefits in so doing. This is one of the best times of the year for writing, beginning new courses, projects, and interests, speaking engagements, and making friends. A lovely aspect between Venus and Pluto occurs close to the New Moon and effectively imprints it with its energies. Fortunately for you, this is an excellent influence for personal appeal and growth through your relationships and experiences. This can be a time of healing, positive reinforcement. You are drawn to–or actively seek–new faces and places. Your patience and insight bring in positive vibes and attention. You gain a stronger sense of your priorities and the things and people you value most. This is a good time for bonding through the sharing of your visions and ideals.



The New Moon today happens in your solar second house, dear Gemini, which is a sector of your chart that rules what makes you feel comfortable and secure. This encompasses material things as well as emotional attachments. New Moons can bring about new beginnings or slate-clearing events that prompt a new attitude or approach to certain areas of your life, making this a good time for resolutions related to business, finances, and boosting your sense of security. The weeks ahead are good for taking care of your money if you have a budget that’s outdated or if you’ve been getting by without one. If you’re looking to earn more, this can be a time to seek out new channels. You can quite effectively take charge of your practical affairs at this time. A Venus-Pluto influence is excellent for getting in touch with your inner world and benefiting as a result. It’s a powerful period for pouring your energy and attention into someone or something special. Today is about focus and concentration. Priorities as well as what or who you value become clearer or more apparent. While much of the time with life’s distractions it can be difficult to get in touch with your true, deep desires, today is strong for connecting with your innermost feelings, wants, and needs. For some, secret love reveals itself now, or support comes when you need it most.


CancerA New Moon occurs in your sign today, dear Cancer, pointing to a personal new beginning or a sense that you have a new lease on life. You are hosting more than the usual cosmic guests in your sign now, and this means you have or feel more power to make changes and steer your life where you want it to go. This is a time of confidence boosts, changing the way you greet the world if this can benefit you, and taking charge of your life in key ways. You are more noticeable and dynamic than usual, and people appreciate you. Make plans to pay more attention to your own needs and happiness during this period when some healthy self-focus is especially appropriate. A Venus-Pluto influence active around the same time as the New Moon further boosts your appeal and increases your influence with friends and in groups. You are a little more courageous about seeking out the people and situations you value most. Positive opportunities might emerge for connecting with a partner, group, or friend. Accepting and understanding deeper feelings and needs is part of this. Some of you could be considering making a commitment.


Leo Glyph Symbol Horoscope

With tonight’s New Moon occurring in your soul sector, dear Leo, you have new energy with you for dealing with the past or private matters, letting go of things you no longer need, and attending to your mental and emotional wellness. The focus now and in the coming weeks is on purging with the goal of healing and clearing the decks for next month’s New Moon that will occur in your sign and bring about a new personal beginning. The weeks ahead are excellent for winding down activities. Today is also good for your practical affairs with Venus at the top of your chart in harmony with Pluto, a long-term guest in your work and health sector. It may be a time of advancement or recognition of your efforts towards your goals. With regards to the services or support you provide or the work you do, the subject of value is now in focus — you can see if others are appreciating you through the events of this week. You perform the best now if you love what you do or you communicate your passion for your work. You are more inclined to put yourself out there and pour your energy into the things you love today and tomorrow. Superiors or the public are appreciative of your efforts. It’s a super time for enhancing, developing, and repairing relationships with higher-ups and business associates.


Virgo Symbol HoroscopeToday’s New Moon brings a boost of new energy to your life, dear Virgo, in the areas of friendships, group associations, humanitarian goals, and the pursuit of happiness. New friendships are one of the most prominent results of this lunation, but other notable events include breathing new life into existing connections or arriving at new goals, dreams, and plans to look forward to and enjoy. You’re looking at people and your “place” with or amongst them in a new light. You might also discover a new interest or revive a project that’s dear to your heart in the coming weeks. A Venus-Pluto aspect that ties into this New Moon points to a real hunger for more creative or romantic experiences that touch you deeply and inspire you. It’s an excellent time for discovering what and who you truly value as well as which projects will benefit you the most in the long run. Don’t be afraid to do something different creatively speaking and to reinvent yourself through expressing your love and enthusiasm more confidently. Some of you might enjoy a financial boost or special gift now. You can both inspire and charm others with your ideas today and in the coming week.



The New Moon occurring today stimulates forward-looking, take-charge energy, dear Libra, and is it happens at the top of your solar chart, this energy primarily relates to your professional or public life. There may be new responsibilities, recognition, or a new position or project. You might come into the limelight in some manner now, or you’ll find others are noticing you for your performance and actions. There can be the need to follow the rules or straighten out an area of your life in the coming weeks. This is also a good time for repairing, building, or strengthening a relationship, building strong alliances, or securing a loan or other form of support. An intimate relationship can thrive now, or your relationship with yourself improves as you acknowledge and accept some of your deeper feelings. Attractions are strong and run deep today. It’s also an excellent day for researching, editing, or otherwise reviewing business, health, domestic, and financial matters.


Scorpio Horoscope

The New Moon that occurs today harmonizes with your sign, dear Scorpio, and is a pleasant, gently motivating influence. It also happens around the same time as a beautiful trine between Venus and Pluto, your ruler, boosting your appeal and influence. New initiatives that deepen your understanding of your life’s purpose and that renew your spirit can be set in motion in the coming week. Unusual activities or those that take you out of your routine can be particularly beneficial. Publishing, sharing ideas, learning new things, and visiting new places can be particularly favorable, leading to new beginnings and a breath of fresh air. People are drawn to you, and you might gain a greater understanding of an important person in your life. You’re presenting your ideas and thoughts particularly well now, and others are impressed with your mind. Negotiations can figure strongly and can very much go your way. A relationship improves your outlook and boosts your confidence now. Partnering up to get something of value done can figure strongly.


Sagittarius Horoscope

The New Moon today is a motivating one, dear Sagittarius, and can open doors to you when it comes to following a passion. This lunation may stir up a keen interest in learning about your own needs, motivations, and deeper desires, and empower you to make important lifestyle or psychological changes. For others, you are seeking out more passion and intensity in a relationship or with a project, and you’re prepared to commit to something that’s important to you. You might recognize your inner strength and feel more powerful and effective at bringing needed changes to your life. You might want to take charge of a matter in which you feel indebted to someone or something. A Venus-Pluto aspect is also in play, inspiring you to make changes that benefit you in the long-term, particularly related to health, wellness, money, and business. It’s a fabulous time for honing in on what you value the most or what brings you the most joy. Making social connections through your work can figure strongly now. You enjoy supporting others, and this can lead to rewards.


Capricorn Horoscope

The New Moon occurring today pulls your attention to your relationships, dear Capricorn, as well as the need for collaboration. There can be a significant restart, new start, or new beginning in the relationship department. Now and the coming weeks are excellent for improving relationships, striking up deals, negotiating, and connecting. You might benefit from counseling or pairing up with someone to accomplish a goal. Alternatively, you may come to meaningful conclusions about your relationship needs through the events of this time in your life. This New Moon occurs around the same time as a Venus-Pluto connection that emphasizes and enhances your appeal and your relationships themselves. You are commanding positive attention, and you could find ways or make plans that help you to expand your creative reach or expand your horizons. You enjoy healing, positive, and confidence-bolstering interactions with people that feed your good mood and sense of effectiveness. Expressing yourself creatively can also attract positive responses, or new avenues for expressing yourself and for entertainment might open up to you.


The New Moon occurring today brings take-charge, forward-looking energy to the areas of work, service, health, and habits in your life, dear Aquarius, making the coming weeks ideal for launching new work projects and personal health or fitness programs. You may not be starting all-new projects, and instead, reviving or ramping up old ones now.  The desire to take better care of yourself and/or to do your personal best can be strong. Circumstances may be such that you take more pride in your work or your attention to personal wellness. Improving daily routines can be a big focus for many of you now, and some will get job offers or new responsibilities that change your direction. Monetizing your talents can also come into play. A Venus-Pluto influence occurs now and is so close to the New Moon that its energies are imprinted in it, pointing to fantastic opportunities to boost your personal or family life. Grab any chance to enhance, build, and strengthen relationships with family or with yourself. The key to success with this is your comfort with acknowledging and accepting deeper feelings and attachments at this time.



The New Moon occurring today can really get your creative juices flowing, dear Pisces. The weeks ahead are fantastic for expressing your feelings, creating, romancing, enjoying, and entertaining. There can be opening doors, new beginnings, or restarts along creative or romantic lines. You feel strongly about doing more enjoyable things and discovering more pleasurable pastimes, and this is an excellent week for committing to taking care of your inner child and feeding your spirit with activities that are celebratory, fun, and playful. A Venus-Pluto influence also active now boosts your appeal even further, tying in your communication skills or willingness to open up and share your thoughts with your new lease on life. This can certainly be a time for a hearty, satisfying talk, but nonverbal communication can figure strongly now as well. Group settings also play up your appeal, perhaps as friends introduce you to new friends or through positive word of mouth. You might make a commitment to a friend, group, or collective goal. There is likely to be a comfortable level of intensity in your interactions today and tomorrow.