Good Monday Morning To All Our Dear, Precious Family & Friends! May You Have A Very Blessed Day!

Hope Your Summer Was Awesome

Summer Solstice

Summer brings the Earth’s orbit
much closer to the sun.
On the longest day of the year,
let us praise what is above.


In ancient days, the sun was a god,
known by many names.
All would honor their dependence
upon that fiery blaze.


So join me now, as in days of old
on this summer day,
brothers and sisters of the grove,
let us give our thanks.


Gather branches of the fallen oak
to build a roaring fire.
Let us dance and sing around it,
while Sun and fire fuel desire.


Gather lavender and make a wish
then throw it in the flames,
thinking kindly of our fellow man
without naming any names.


Drink the honeysuckle Sun warmed tea
mixed with chamomile from the meadows,
make our crowns and chains of daisy
adorned with lily, dandelion and rose.


Litha, Summer Solstice,
It’s a midsummer dream,
where we dance with the goddess
and the man of green.


As the days begin to shorten from here,
and the cold starts to creep like ivy
my spiritual fire’s as hot as the sun,
and I’ll keep it burning deep inside me.


—Tina King, Author
All Poetry