Get A Jump On Tomorrow, Your Daily Horoscopes for Tuesday, June 20th

Get A Jump On Tomorrow…

Your Daily Horoscopes for Tuesday, June 20th



Aries Horoscope

The first half of the day, in particular, is excellent for exercising your creative muscles and releasing tension through artistic or physical channels, dear Aries. There is a certain kind of magic in giving out the kind of affection and approval you want others to give you. You’re also in a good position to let go of grudges, discover new products or services that make your life easier (or more beautiful and inspired), connect well with friends, and come up with good ideas for handling your money or valuables. Later today, sensitive topics are likely to emerge, or something you hear or say hits a nerve. It may not be intentional, but the result is the same, and while a part of you just wants to ignore it and move on, another part of you (or a person in your life) won’t let it go. In truth, addressing the issue can work in your favor.


Taurus HoroscopeThe Moon spends the day in your sign, dear Taurus, bringing some pleasant liveliness to your world. Additionally, you have Venus, your ruler, in your sign and forming a happy aspect with Neptune. All eyes are on you, and you’re standing out, gently, as especially appealing and really quite wonderful! Your calmness is particularly emphasized and appreciated now. It’s a good time to build a bridge or bond with someone you care about. You might also decide to talk about an issue that’s been bothering you. On the one hand, there is a high potential to get somewhere and make progress on a problem, but on the other, people can be sensitive, and you might inadvertently open up another Pandora’s box altogether. Uncomfortable topics can emerge, but this also challenges you to put a grudge or an insecurity behind you, whether these belong to you or someone else!



The first half of the day is quite excellent for expressing yourself, dear Gemini, particularly on technical levels. Personal matters can also go over correctly as you’re feeling a little freer and detached enough to express yourself well and make progress. Even so, later today, this energy reverses and there is increased sensitivity to address. It may be best to choose your words more carefully, or assert yourself and deal with the consequences! A Venus-Neptune aspect today helps to smooth over tensions and pulls out our more compassionate side. Career matters can be serendipitous, and drawing on past ideas can be successful if you decide to put them into motion. Love may be complicated, but intriguingly so.


CancerThere is good energy for natural confidence and a free flow of energy between you and friends today, dear Cancer. While there can be some touchiness and sensitivity to deal with, there is also a generous supply of grace, forgiveness, and compassion to tap into, and these tend to win out over our insecurities. Reaching out to others is most important now. You might feel inspired to take a chance on love and friendship with a kind gesture. Spending time with people outside of your usual circle can be a powerful learning experience. There can be good news or inspiration found in unusual places now. The next couple of days are important as both the Sun and Mercury are moving into your sign, and not too long afterward, the New Moon occurs in Cancer. This is a critical time for putting harmful elements behind you as you begin a fresh new cycle.


Leo Glyph Symbol Horoscope

The morning is potentially excellent for letting go of the negative and catching on to new and exciting ideas, dear Leo. Relationships, business sense, and professional appeal get a boost. An intuitive understanding of people and trends positively affects your dealings now. You can engage an audience, group, or important person. This is a good time for learning new skills, particularly of a technical or scientific nature. Later today, there may be some disconnects to deal with, but nothing you can’t handle. Get the facts before making a commitment, and be particularly aware of what you say and of your own soft spots — people are sensitive! Today and the next couple of days are critical for processing recent events and absorbing recent experiences and insights into friends, networks, and groups.


Virgo Symbol HoroscopeThe first half of the day is good for love matters, which can thrive, or for simply opening your heart and enjoying your blessings, dear Virgo. People who have something to show you on a spiritual or emotional level can figure strongly now. You may have an aura of mystery around you now, and this is particularly intriguing for others. People may surprise you with a good showing or friendly gestures. Research can turn up something interesting or valuable, and business can get a boost as a result. Later today, a Mercury-Chiron square can tug at your doubts and insecurities, particularly about your ability to get your message across successfully or about what you know. This is a time for seeing the ways that you might communicate that work against you, and making adjustments based on these insights makes sense now.



The first half of the day is strong for letting things work out on their own, dear Libra, and for allowing mysteries to unravel naturally. People are seeing your better side, or, more impressively, seeing your flaws but accepting them as well. You’re not necessarily seeking out understanding, and this is just fine for the time being. You enjoy good intuition for work, health, and research or analysis now. Conversations can be inspiring and even breakthrough in small ways. News arrives that stirs your inner spirit. Later today, we can be sensitive or easily triggered, and it may be necessary to be clearer than usual about your boundaries. Feed restlessness with knowledge or a different routine.


Scorpio Horoscope

The morning is particularly useful for letting go of negative thoughts and focusing on opportunities, growth, and progress, dear Scorpio. Loving feelings and stirrings are in focus now. It can also be a warmly creative and fertile time. Creating, writing, imaginative art, theater, and entertainment can thrive right now. Approaching people wth gentleness is favored most today – pushing may come across as rude, unappealing, or unnecessary. There is something quite upbeat about the morning as well — you need a little break from the routine. Still, health and work can show signs of improvement. Later today, there can be some doubts to deal with, similar to yesterday but this time more about ideas and the ability to communicate your feelings effectively. Physical outlets for stress may be useful.


Sagittarius Horoscope

The morning is strong for letting go of tension, errors, and problems, dear Sagittarius, and enjoying the positives. Interacting with others is more spontaneous and natural than it has been, and this suits you very well! Charm can be employed as you move slowly but surely towards your goals. You can have a strong desire to bring more harmony or beauty to your routine or your workplace today. Helping others or being of service can be enjoyable on many levels now. As well, your ideas are drawing people in, or someone with particularly interesting ideas is coming into your life. Changes of plans may turn out quite fun, inviting spontaneity. Later today, there can be crankiness and sensitivity to deal with. Talks can quickly become emotional.


Capricorn Horoscope

The morning is quite excellent for easing into the day with confidence and calm, dear Capricorn. If only you could begin every day this way! There can be a psychic rapport with others or a very strong sense of trends influencing your dealings with others and projects in enhancing, positive ways. You fare well in your communications, but particularly those that are face to face. You can successfully apply imagination to relationships or ventures. Work or health-related ideas and methods can be progressive and useful. Alternatives can sometimes trip you up, making life feel a little too chaotic, but today they feel right, and you have a sense that opportunities are opening up to you. Later today, conversations or interactions can challenge you to face certain insecurities, particularly related to communication or knowledge.



A Venus-Neptune aspect this morning pulls on your heartstrings in the right way, dear Aquarius, as you need some extra beauty, wonder, and magic in your life now. Compassionate feelings are stirred now. You’re also in good shape for catching on to new thought waves or trends, making your communications particularly timely and appreciated. Family relationships might improve, and indeed extending a hand to someone can fill you up with warmth. You enjoy the people in your life a little more than usual now. Sharing ideas can strengthen a relationship today. Even so, later today can be somewhat awkward. Something you say can be taken the wrong way or news you hear pulls up conversations that you may not have expected to have. For some, there could be an uncomfortable interaction about money or boundaries.



The first half of the day is particularly uplifting, dear Pisces. Likable and friendly Venus forms a harmonious aspect with your ruler, Neptune, stirring up a bit of magic in your social life. Being around others with no strings attached can be like a tonic now – you’re in a fabulous position to bond with others and for people to appreciate the qualities that come most naturally to you. Sometimes just being around people and letting them do their thing communicates the best message you can give. Allow your sentimental and gentle nature to emerge — own it and express it proudly! This is also a good time for finding fresh solutions or alternative methods to do business or to make family or home life run more smoothly. Later today, there is a tendency for people to confront one another about touchy topics. While it can be a little messy, it can be good to address problem areas.