Your Daily Horoscopes for Sunday, June 18th

Your Daily Horoscopes for Sunday, June 18th



Aries Horoscope

You may be dealing with some obstacles related to communication or equipment breakdowns, blocks, or complications today, dear Aries. You can be seeing the glass half empty as a result of a Mercury-Saturn opposition active today. Your ideas or requests may be denied, or others are shutting down your argument or challenging your viewpoint. Look for the lesson from any critique that might come in today, even if you feel particularly resistant to do so. There can be some good news mixed in now, and you might reach a better position with a sibling or acquaintance. Gaining some surprise freedoms or discovering new ways of doing things can result. The Moon spends the day in your sign, and others are following your lead.


Taurus HoroscopeYou’re receiving mixed messages today, dear Taurus. On the one hand, you could find some people a little too rigid with their ideas or plans, and on the other, there is a sense that you’re moving forward and there is good energy with you for taking you in that direction. There can be some difficulties getting to a comfortable dialogue with people close to you today. You may be experiencing tension and fear of the unknown related to finances or support. Financial or emotional blocks or challenges may help you see or discover new methods and courses of action, however. Breaking out of the routine in small ways can help to inspire you today. The Moon spends the day in your private, anonymous sector, and you may prefer to work behind the scenes or keep a low profile to catch up on rest.



People in your life may seem to want to block you or call you out, dear Gemini, and for some of you, a delay or block is entirely possible now. A significant other may be critical or aloof when you’re looking for support, or you are otherwise left to your own resources in some way now with Mercury in your sign opposed by Saturn. Try your very best to focus on things that you can truly improve and have the power to control. In fact, another influence with you today can help you discover clever workarounds, possibly as a direct result of challenges or blocks. You may be entertaining new methods or ideas and breaking away from stereotypes and routines. A friend or acquaintances may pull you out of a funk or show support for your ideas.


CancerProblems related to work, health, or routines can weigh you down a little today, dear Cancer. There may be heavier demands on you when it comes to chores or work and dealings with people you spend your day with can be a little touch and go. This can be due to taking one another too literally. Give yourself and others breathing room. If you’ve been doing far more than your share, then take steps to make changes. Challenges or blocks encountered today can also lead to new and exciting directions. You may be drawing on your memory, wisdom, and intuition to advances your goals now. You may find workarounds to problems that actually save you time or lead to other breakthroughs. Aim to open up your mind to new approaches that can be truly valuable. The Moon spends the day at the top of your chart, encouraging you to put more of yourself into your work or performance.


Leo Glyph Symbol Horoscope

There may be some reason to stop what you’re doing and face a challenge or block today, dear Leo. Mercury opposes Saturn today, which can point to critical or defensive behavior. When Saturn is involved, criticism may be irritating but it can also lead you to firm up your work or ideas, so take the good things from the experience and discard the rest! It’s best to keep conversations light as they can quickly take a negative turn. Even if you need to address an issue, you might decide to postpone it to an all-around more receptive time. Despite all of this, you’re receiving a boost of emotional fuel for enjoying learning and personal interests. There can be a reason to experiment and explore new theories and methods. In fact, the challenges you face may lead you to these discoveries. Changes are needed to free yourself from certain restrictive situations or people. Today can be liberating in spots and hampering in other areas, but ultimately good for solving problems.


Virgo Symbol HoroscopeWith Mercury opposing Saturn today, dear Virgo, you may be dealing with some critical or defensive people. Conversations can be on the touchy side, particularly if fears and insecurities are getting in the way of regular conversation. Responsibilities to a parent, family, or domestic matters can weigh on you again today, or there may be disapproval to deal with that frustrates you. Balancing your personal and professional life is an ongoing struggle for you this year, and this theme can be in the spotlight now and this week. However, if you aim to prioritize and postpone sensitive topics for a more easygoing time, you’ll do just fine. Blocks or delays can lead to creative and clever workarounds. A Sun-Uranus transit helps you find outlets for expressing yourself that don’t involve choosing your words carefully. You might enjoy a nice change in your usual routine and improvising can be fun.



An opposition between Mercury and Saturn across your communications sector can point to some frustrating blocks today, dear Libra. There may be criticisms or negative attitudes to deal with now, and what may be considered a regular difference in opinion on another day could turn into a full-blown affair today. Aim to pull out the valuable lessons from slowdowns, blocks, and criticism and discard the rest. As well, aim to be patient and do your best until you’re in a better place. Another influence with you today suggests that buckling down in one area can release you in another. How you deal with blocks and delays can make all the difference, and workarounds can be inventive. You might see an opportunity you missed in the past related to a relationship. Not following plans to the letter may result in pleasurable detours.


Scorpio Horoscope

The Moon spends the day in your sector of daily routines, dear Scorpio, and while it’s not the most glamorous of house positions, you can feel particularly motivated to take care of details and get things done. You have help in so doing and with an open mind, you might discover a new method or idea for making life a little easier. A Mercury-Saturn opposition can put a damper on things, particularly related to money, ownership, and boundaries, but this, too, can lead to the discovery of new and improved methods of dealing with life. Relationship and financial decisions don’t come easily at the moment, and it may be better to conserve your energy than to argue a point or push an issue. Work on strengthening your position. Focus on the positive, as you may very well discover a brand new interest, product, or activity that excites you.


Sagittarius Horoscope

There can be some obstacles to face and frustrations to deal with today, dear Sagittarius, but once over that hump, you’re in a great position to move along a clearer path forward. A significant other may seem impractical or less than responsible today, as you can feel incensed to get things done and you can have a hard time getting others on board. Perhaps someone isn’t taking you seriously enough. Seek out a middle ground and aim to loosen up a little–you may need to make a compromise. Workarounds to blocks or delays today can help you out as you see new ways of doing things and relating with others. A Sun-Uranus sextile today helps you out in the relationship department if you decide to tap into the positive energy. This can be a time for freer expression of your creative side and appreciation for your originality.


Capricorn Horoscope

A Mercury-Saturn opposition today can point to the need to deal with blocks or challenges before moving forward, dear Capricorn. While handling niggly details can be frustrating, your workarounds can lead you to exciting discoveries and perhaps new and improved methods. With Saturn in your solar twelfth house, you could be dealing with worries about your effectiveness or performance. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, aim to slow yourself down and don’t be afraid to enlist some help. Taking a small break from a problem can help you get a new perspective and can ease the pressure. For some of you, there can be the need to help others competing with your desire to get your own things done. Do your best to meet your responsibilities so that you can move forward more freely. In fact, a Sun-Uranus influence helps you in this respect. New ideas, technology, methods, and approaches can be a boon now, particularly around the home and with your work and health routines. You might find release from recent tension through domestic or work activities that support growth and invite invention and progress.



Saturn opposes Mercury today, dear Aquarius, and you could feel that responsibilities to others are getting in the way of your favorite activities. However, don’t allow this to get you down. While remembering your obligations and knowing your limitations can be helpful and practical, harping on them won’t serve you well. If others seem a little unsympathetic or self-absorbed now, do your best to power through it by reaching a compromise and finding a balance between duty and pleasure. Do what you know is right for you and, eventually, others will come around. Helping you to stay flexible today is the Sun’s sextile to your ruler, Uranus. You can focus on creative play and expression, and you might enjoy some helpful or exciting conversations and progress in your projects and interests. Siblings, acquaintances, and love interests can be supportive or appreciative. People may be admiring your intellect, quirkiness, or sense of humor.



You’re working on strengthening and firming up your career or long-term goals and perhaps your reputation as well these days, dear Pisces. This is due to Saturn transiting the top of your solar chart (until December), and while this is perfect for you in the long run, there can be times when you feel a little too noticed, judged, or accountable, and possibly overworked or stressed. Mercury’s opposition to Saturn today can exacerbate some of these things as they can directly compete with your desire for more peace, quiet, comfort, and familiarity. Feeling the weight of your responsibilities makes unwinding a challenge. When it comes to others’ feedback, try to tune out the negative elements, if any, and focus on constructive ones. Another influence with you today engages your imagination and pulls up your inventive side. Drawing up new plans or using new methods to approach your business, family lie, money, or regular routines can be successful and a whole lot of fun today.