Today is Sunday, June 18th, We Celebrate……

Happy Fathers Day.

Today is Sunday, June 18th, We Celebrate……

Father’s Day (United States)

Themes: Balance; Masculinity; Femininity; Honor; Reason; Leadership


Symbols: Two0sides Items; Yin/Yang Symbol


About Hermaphroditos: This androgynous deity was the son of Hermes, but he loved the nymph Salmakis so much that the lovers became of one body and soul, neither the male nor the female being discernible. In this form, Hermaphroditos reminds us that the Goddess is also God, blending the best of both sexes together into powerful, productive energy.


To Do Today: At the midpoint of the year we take a moment’s pause from the Goddess to honor her consort and other half, the God, represented by fathers everywhere. Take time to thank the special men in your life and pamper them today. Ask Hermaphroditos to show you the goddess within them, and how god and goddess work together, making each person unique.


In magick traditions, the god aspect is the conscious, logical force of the universe who offers us the attributes of leadership, reason, and focus. This persona and energy is pan of the goddess—one cannot be separated from the other. This is a good day to look within yourself, find both aspects of the divine, and concentrate on bringing them into balance. If you’re normally headstrong, back off a bit. If you’re normally a wallflower, get daring! If you like to plan, become spontaneous—and so forth. Hermaphroditos will show you the way.




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Patricia Telesco