Horse’s Associations as a Spirit Guide


(swift action, power)


The horse has long been a symbol of swiftness and power. In ancient mythology it is the horse that bears the heroes and the gods across the earth, and even across the sky, at great speed. The horse is physical power and unearthly power. In shamanic practices, the horse enables the shaman to fly through the air to reach the heavens or spirit realm. The horse is able to carry great burdens for long distances with ease.

Horse Associations

Direction: North, East, South, West

Element: Earth, Air, Fire, Water

Deities: Epona, Helios, Brighid, Apollo, Godiva, Mars, Artemis

When you need to respond swiftly to a situation, call on the horse. If you need more personal power, or are overburdened by too much work, ask the horse to give you strength.