Today is Monday, June 12, We Celebrate


Today is Monday, June 12, We Celebrate

Rice Festival (Korea)

Themes: Luck, blessings, harvest, cleansing, kindness

Symbols: Fish, willow, gold items

About Kwanseieun: This Korean goddess of goodness, courage, and fortune listens carefully to our needs, intending to meet each with compassion. Art sometimes shows her riding a fish, giving her associations with fertility. In other depictions she bears a Wilow branch and gold necklaces (lunar and solar symbols, respectively), indicating the diverse powers she can use in answering our prayers.

To Do Today: In a festival similar to that held in Japan this month, Korean farmers go about the task of ensuring an abundant rice crop today. To draw this abundance and Kwanseieun’s blessings into your life, follow Korean custom and wash your hair today. This cleans away ill fortune. Change the type of rinse you use to mirror your goals. For example, rinse in Kwanseieun’s fertile aspect by using pine-scented water. Making these rinses in very easy. Just steep the desired aromatic in warm water, as you would a tea, then refrigerate and use as desired.

Wear gold or eat fish today to commemorate Kwanseieun and activate her positive attributes in your personality. For example, wear a gold necklace to communicate with more kindness, or wear a gold ring to remind you to extend a helping hand to those in need.


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Patricia Telesco