Get A Jump On Tomorrow, Your Daily Horoscopes for Saturday, February 17th

Get A Jump On Tomorrow….

Your Daily Horoscopes for Saturday, February 17th



Aries Horoscope

The Sun moves into your privacy sector this morning, dear Aries, launching a yearly month-long cycle in which you require more rest and time for reflection before you begin a brand-new cycle in March. It’s the end of the solar year, and you’re in good shape for reviewing recent events and completing some projects that have outgrown their use. You can benefit from some extra time to yourself and relative anonymity. Healing, restful activities are helpful now, particularly if you’ve gotten yourself into a state of overload. The Moon moves into your adventure sector this afternoon, however, and conflicting urges are likely. On the one hand, you’d rather withdraw into yourself, and on the other, you crave new experiences. This is only a state of mind and is temporary. In fact, the friction created now can prompt you to find creative solutions to your dilemma.


Taurus Horoscope

The Sun’s move into your social sector today launches a month-long cycle in which social opportunities increase, dear Taurus. Your performance and material goals begin to take on less importance to you going forward. Friends may come out of the woodwork, invitations come in, and chances to connect with your “happiness goals” emerge in the weeks ahead. You enjoy group activities or teamwork now. You are more experimental in your approach to the world as you come out of a cycle in which you followed the rules more carefully than usual. This is a light-hearted, somewhat detached cycle so that when the Moon moves into your deep, intimate solar eighth house early afternoon, you may feel quite conflicted. However, once you get over this hump, you’ll discover ways to satisfy both your need to feel attached and your desire to branch out.



The Sun moves to the top of your solar chart this morning, dear Gemini, representing a yearly peak of sorts. This can be a time to perform or make announcements for some. In the coming month, the Sun’s transit of your career and reputation sector encourages you to play by the rules more carefully, to fill your responsibilities, and to nurture your ambitions. It’s a goal-setting time of year. You may be leading or managing others now, or you could be outshining others in your career. You receive more attention, and perhaps a little scrutiny. The Moon moves into your partnership sector this afternoon, encouraging you to focus on your relationships or social life, however. Your need for reassurance and your drive to succeed seem to be at cross-purposes now, but with some creativity, you can manage both.



With the Sun now traveling through your solar ninth house for the coming month, dear Cancer, you have a taste for adventure in some form, whether physical or mental, and you’re inclined to search for ways to broaden your horizons and your understanding of the world. You seek out truths and answers to the bigger life questions. This is a time for entertaining ideas for your future and for getting a larger perspective or overview of your life. There tend to be fewer obstacles in your way, in general. Today, however, with the Quarter Moon in your solar sixth house challenging the Sun, you should avoid taking on too much or promising more than you can deliver. The desire to take care of details conflicts with your urge to expand your experiences. You find problems hard to ignore right now. Look for solutions rather than allow tension rule your day.


Leo Glyph Symbol Horoscope

The Sun enters your solar eighth house this morning, dear Leo, launching a month-long cycle in which you pay considerable attention to your private world. You desire a little more intensity from life than usual – this is a time for really diving into your projects, relationships, and endeavors. There can be some feelings of discontent with life as it is, and this can prompt you to make deep changes. Matters related to power dynamics, money, and sharing can be bigger themes in your life until March 20th. You’re inclined to strategize and plan rather than jump into action during this cycle. Today, the Moon’s move into your solar fifth house clashes with these themes, creating some friction, as it encourages you to seek out lighter, more playful and spontaneous experiences.


Virgo Symbol Horoscope

The Sun moves into your opposite sign this morning, dear Virgo, where it will transit for the coming month. This can be a time of year when a close partnership comes into stronger focus. You’re more relationship-focused than usual now, and you’re inclined to seek out one-on-one activities. You are putting more of yourself and your energy into your relationships with others. If you’ve been focusing too much on your personal plans or if your life has become a little out of balance, this is a time to create more harmony. Today, the Moon moves into your sector of home and family, however, and you can feel a strong tug towards familiar activities and perhaps keeping to yourself. Some tension is possible as a result, but can also stimulate you to seek out creative solutions.



The Sun’s move into your solar sixth house today brings a new theme of work and health into your life for the coming month, dear Libra. This is a time for really digging into the details of your life, solving problems, and getting your life in order in key ways. You’re particularly good at adjusting to life’s circumstances and making small changes that help you get on track. This is a great time for perfecting skills and projects, although there can be times when you find it hard to feel satisfied, which can lead to tension. Watch for a tendency to worry, fret, and otherwise overthink. Use this period well for stepping up your routines and taking care of unfinished business. Today, the Moon moves into your solar third house and clashes with the Sun, however. While you can be equally interested in personal pursuits and duties, it’s important not to overdo. Life can be a little too chaotic.


Scorpio Horoscope

The Moon continues its transit of your sign until early afternoon, dear Scorpio, and emotions are heightened. The Sun moves into harmony with your sign, and this month-long transit brings a certain smoothness to your activities that you should enjoy. Until March 20th, you’re likely to take a stronger interest in your creative and romantic pursuits, and you’re investing more of your pride and energy than usual into these areas of life. You are seeking out channels for expressing yourself and your affections. Heartfelt pursuits are in high focus now. While this cycle encourages you to take some small personal risks, the Moon’s move into your comfortable solar second house quickly clashes with the Sun, posing a dilemma: to play it safe or take a chance, that is the question now!


Sagittarius Horoscope

The Sun moves to the bottom of your solar chart today, dear Sagittarius, and will spend one month here, encouraging you to get in better touch with your inner needs. This is a time for touching base with loved ones, paying particular attention to family, and working on making your home a place that supports and comforts you. This is a great time for considering long-term plans for security. You are looking to take care of your fundamental needs and seeking emotional sustenance now before branching out. It’s a favorable time for investing creative energy into your personal life and domestic environment. However, with the Moon’s move into your sign this afternoon, you’re seeking validation outside of yourself, and its clash with the Sun today can present a dilemma. You’ll figure out ways to satisfy your needs for both independence and safety in due time.


Capricorn HoroscopeThe Sun moves into your communications sector this morning, dear Capricorn. During its month-long stay in this house of your solar chart, you crave more connection with the world around you. Your curiosity is bigger than usual, and your need for mental stimulation motivates a lot that you do. You might find that you’re often on the go, even if this is figuratively speaking, and that while you’re not always focused and concentrating, you’re branching out and learning a lot in the process. You may be motivated to express yourself more clearly in your communications. You can be excited to share your ideas and opinions. The Moon moves into your privacy sector this afternoon, however, and quickly clashes with the Sun, creating an inner conflict. You can be divided in your desires and needs, with your head telling you one thing and your heart another. In truth, you need both quiet time and interactions with others, so aim to get both without overdoing either.



The Sun completes its transit of your sign today, dear Aquarius, not to return until next year. This move tends to shift your focus away from personal plans and towards building the resources you have or building upon new ideas and projects. The month-long transit beginning today encourages patience and thinking in the long term. Ideally, you’ve gained some confidence in the last few weeks, and you’re now ready to focus on developing what you have and earning what you deserve. This is an excellent time for exploring and understanding what you value, as well as for getting a strong sense of what you have to work with. Developing talents and using your resources creatively are themes now. While you’re focused on comfort and security during this cycle, the Moon moves into your solar eleventh house this afternoon and encourages you to experiment with new concepts. You can feel a little tense and divided until you discover ways to satisfy both needs.


PiscesThe Sun moves into your sign this morning, dear Pisces, and will transit Pisces until March 20th. This is a time for gaining a clearer sense of yourself. Your personal presence is stronger than usual – others notice you and tend to follow your lead. It’s a great time for feeling in control of your life or for making changes and getting results. You are more self-focused than usual, and this is a good thing to a certain point, beyond which you can run into problems, of course. Otherwise, take this time to work on asserting yourself successfully and for improving your image or attitude to new beginnings. The Moon moves into your career and reputation sector this afternoon, quickly clashing with the Sun in your sign. This can point to some tension as you crave independence but also wish to fill your responsibilities to others. Once sorted, you’re raring to go.


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