Today is Monday, February 13, We Celebrate….

Challenges » Black CatsToday is Monday, February 13, We Celebrate….

Birthday of Humankind (China)

Themes: Luck; Opportunity; Abundance; Order; Divination

Symbols: Clay; Serpent

About Nu Kwa: NU Kwa is an ancient Chinese creatrix who formed people out of yellow clay and invented the flute. Today she plays her music hearing good fortune, opportunity, and the organizational skills with which to make both useful. She also serenades the earth back to fullness after winter.
In legends, this serpent-bodied goddess reestablished order on the earth after a terrible rebellion. Nu Kwa used melted stones to refashion the sky, tortoise toes to mark the four winds, and reeds to hold back overflowing rivers. Once this was done, the earth returned to its former beauty.

To Do Today: The eighth day of the Chinese new year celebrates the birthday of humanity, fashioned by Nu Kwa, and is filled with omens about human fate. For example, any person or animal born on this day is considered doubly blessed and destined for prosperity. So, consider taking out a divination tool today and seeing what fate holds for you.

To generate Nu Kwa’s luck or organizational skills in your life, make and carry a clay Nu Kwa charm. Get some modeling clay from a toy store (if possible, choose a color that suits your goal, like green for money). Shape this into a symbol of your goal, saying,

From Nu Kwa blessings poured, Luck and order be restored.

If you can’t get clay, bubblegum will work, too.



365 Goddess: A Daily Guide To the Magic and Inspiration of the goddess
Patricia Telesco


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