On Thursday, February 9th, We Celebrate….

WinterOn Thursday, February 9th, We Celebrate….

Lemanja Festival (Brazil)

Themes: Foresight; Divination; Psychic Abilities

Symbols: Water

About Iemanja: In Brazil, Iemanja is considered the ocean’s spirit. Every drop of saltwater bears her imprint and calls us back to Iemanja, our ancient mother and home. As a water elemental, Iemanja gives her followers vision, inspiration, and the ability to flow smoothly through life’s torrential times.

To Do Today: At daybreak on this day, mediums in Brazil begin singing and dancing to summon the spirit of Iemanja, who provides glimpses of the year ahead. Worshipers take offerings carved with wishes to rivers or to the ocean. Here, Iemanja’s spirit accepts the gifts, and the magic of the wish begins. To follow this custom, take any small natural token and toss it in moving water with your wish; the water should be flowing toward you if you wish to bring energy and flowing away from you if you want it to carry away problems.

In keeping with today’s theme, soak in a mild saltwater bath to cleanse away any unwanted energy and heighten your senses. Then try your favorite divination tool. Pray to Iemanja beforehand to bless your efforts. See what messages she has for you, especially on emotionally charged matters (water equates with emotions in metaphysical traditions).

Finally, to honor Iemanja, wear ocean-blue clothing today, carry a blue-toned stone (like lace agate or lapis), put a seashell or coral in your pocket, dance in the rain (if the weather cooperates), or play in your sprinkler. Rediscover the element of water.


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Patricia Telesco