Hello & Merry Meet! May The Goddess Bless You & Yours On This Snowy Thursday Morning!

winter As we make ready for the Full Moon
You can feel the Goddess within you
As you light your candle, you can feel her drawn to you
The magick surrounds you and your work begins.
For those who voices have been silenced, be theirs.
Find comfort that your prayers are sent on the wind
Find hope that you have changed a life
Turn to the moon, raise your voice in love to the Goddess
Pray for those who voices can not be heard.

For the birds in our skies
For the fish in the sea
For the animals that roam our forest, plains and deserts
For the animals that live in fear and pain
For our pets who devotion is never ending
For the children who cry themselves to sleep
For the elderly who live in distress
For those who hunger is not a stranger
For those who live in fear
For those whose days are filled with darkness
For those who do not love or peace

We are her children and the voice of those who are unheard
Raise your voice loud and strong
For your power is one with all


—-A Witch’s Prayerbook
JoAnne Spiese