Your Planet Tracker for Feb. 8: Mercury in Aquarius

Planet Tracker

Mercury in Aquarius

Feb 6, 2017 to Feb 25, 2017


Mercury, the planet of the intellect, is very smart in inventive Aquarius. Fresh perspectives emerge from an awareness of synthesis — how the pieces fit together. Conceptual structures grow like crystals as the mind reaches out in new directions.

Aquarius, deceptively named the “Water Bearer,” is actually an air sign. Air signs, the others are Gemini and Libra, have the gift of detachment and the grace of objectivity.

As a fixed sign, Aquarius is interested in values — in this case mental ones. The mind is strong and able to mix and match increasingly different ideas into a cohesive whole. The challenge, however, is that such complex notions are not necessarily easy to communicate. Mercury, the communications planet, generally prefers simplicity, which may be harder to come by for now.

In principle, Aquarius is open-minded. However, fixed signs are strong-willed by nature. This can lead to some conversational difficulties during this period. Tolerance for opposing points of view is vital if real dialogue is to take place. A bright person will appreciate that there is always more than one way to view a situation.

Yet, the intellectual nature of Mercury in Aquarius can overpower emotions and rationalize them away. Aquarian detachment brings objectivity, which helps us see, but often makes it more difficult to feel.

Those born with Mercury in Aquarius include the athletically gifted Michael Jordan, Julius Erving, John McEnroe and Wayne Gretsky. Comic genius is found here in the works of Jim Carrey, John Belushi, Billy Crystal, Andy Kaufman, Chris Farley, Jackie Gleason and Bill Maher. Actors with Mercury in Aquarius include Drew Barrymore, Matt Dillon, Geena Davis, Cybill Shepherd, Jennifer Aniston and Christian Bale.

High-tech Mercury in Aquarius appears in the birth charts of astronauts Buzz Aldrin, Deke Slayton and Frank Borman. Musicians Garth Brooks, Mary Chapin Carpenter, Lou Reed, Karen Carpenter, Bob Marley, Neil Diamond, Artur Rubenstein, George Harrison, Jascha Heifetz, Graham Nash, Janis Joplin, Carole King and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart reflect the brilliance of this combination.

Writers Anais Nin, Norman Mailer, Clare Boothe Luce, Jack London, Jean Auel, Gertrude Stein and Jules Verne were born with Mercury in Aquarius. Reform-minded politicians Adlai Stevenson and Thomas Paine, as well as disparate geniuses Benjamin Franklin, Luther Burbank, Bobby Fischer, Barbara Jordan, Michelangelo, Oprah Winfrey and Stanley Owsley are all members of this super-intelligent group.


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