On February 8th, We Celebrate…..


On February 8th, We Celebrate…..

Mass for the Broken Needles (Japan)

Themes: Needlecraft; Arts; Creativity

Symbols: Needles; Thread; Yarn; Embroidered or Woven Items

About Wakahiru:Wakahiru, the Japanese goddess of weaving, takes a much-deserved break from her toils today to enjoy the beauty of handcrafted items, and she suggests you do likewise. Legend has it that she is also the dawn goddess—a suitable job for the younger sister of Amaterasu (the sun goddess), who favored Wakahiru because of her excellent weaving skills. When Wakahiru died, Amaterasu refused to shine until lured out of her hiding place by the invention of mirrors.

To Do Today: Find a pocket sewing kit and use it as a Wakahiru charm for creativity. Energize the charm by leaving it in the light of dawn, saying,
With inventiveness fill, by your power and my will.

Carry the token often, touching it when you need extra ingenuity to handle a situation effectively.

The Japanese hold the art of needlecraft in such high regard that all the needles broken in the previous year receive honor at Buddhist temples today, along with an array of sewing gear. To venerate the needles’ sacrifice in the name of beauty, no needlework is done on this day. In keeping with this spirit, take out any artistic tools you have, clean them up, and bless them in any way suited to your path. By so doing, you encourage Wakarhiru’s genius to shine through them each time you work.

365 Goddess: A Daily Guide To the Magic and Inspiration of the goddess
Patricia Telesco



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