Let’s Talk Witch – Personal Responsibility

Irish Celtic Fighting DragonsPersonal Responsibility

Pagans do not have the option of confession to remove their spiritual or societal errors, nor do they believe that forgiveness should automatically follow a certain amount of penance. The rallying cry for Pagan ethics is personal responsibility. Whether you’re acting to help or to harm, you must carefully consider all the effects of your actions, and be prepared to accept the consequences. Personal responsibility isn’t all bad, though. It also means you get to accept the credit for good deeds. A reasonable amount of pride is a virtue among Pagans.

Every action you take affects others and yourself. Sometimes it’s as simple as hurting someone’s feelings, and a sincere apology will repair the damage. The first step is admitting that you were wrong. Then you can best decide how to proceed.

Most of the time you’re aware that you’re causing someone harm, but occasions do arise when you think you’re helping someone, but really you’re making things worse. It can be difficult to admit that you did more harm than good, but you must accept the reality of the situation. Once you acknowledge your error, you can get to work making up for it.

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Selene Silverwind