Your Daily Horoscopes for Monday, February 6th

Your Daily Horoscopes for Monday, February 6th



Aries Horoscope

Mars has recently entered your sign and revived your personal interests, dear Aries, and now Jupiter turns retrograde in your partnership sector. This points to some need to de-emphasize the couple and place more focus on your personal plans, independence, and healthy self-interest. Partnerships will continue to bring benefits to your life, but Jupiter’s retrograde (until June 9th) suggests the need to slow things down just a little. You might detach yourself somewhat so that a partnership or friendship has time to “breathe” and unfold naturally. This honors the natural ebb and flow of things and is ultimately helpful for healthy relationships. Today’s energies are suitable for connecting and commuting, but not as favorable for seeing eye to eye in close relationships.


Taurus Horoscope

Mars has recently entered your privacy sector, dear Taurus, encouraging more energy directed to your inner world, rest, and emotional wellness. This comes at a good time with Jupiter turning retrograde in your work sector today. During this four-month retrograde cycle, enthusiasm for work projects and health endeavors is still in place, but you may begin to see areas of excess that require toning down and adjusting. While it can be discouraging at first, it’s actually a very good time for looking at these activities and plans from a different, more realistic or moderate perspective. This can be a time for doing editing work, review, and research. Try not to take on more and instead focus on what you’ve already begun.



There are two big reasons for putting more energy into collaborations and building friendships and networks, dear Gemini. For one, Venus and Mars are in your social sector encouraging you to collaborate. For another, Jupiter’s retrograde that begins today points to the need to tone down any excessive attention to romance, emotional drama, or solo creative projects. Some detachment can be healthy for all concerned. Jupiter’s retrograde cycle lasts just over four months and is a time for realigning your thinking and plans related to partnership, romance, and recreation. This is a time to catch your breath if you’ve been going too hard. Some de-emphasis of your pursuit of pleasures and entertainment can be practical now with so many other influences in place fueling your friendships. The Moon continues to transit your sign all day, and attention to personal needs is paramount.



Jupiter’s transit of your home and family sector continues all the way until October, dear Cancer, bringing rewards and benefits to your personal life. However, Jupiter begins a four-month retrograde cycle today, pointing to some initial waning of enthusiasm or some home-related projects going on hold. You’ll realize soon enough that this period is excellent for balancing out recent excess or extravagance. Treat delays as opportunities to make necessary tweaks. Get things right so that you can move things forward with added confidence at a later time. Some de-emphasis of your home or personal life can be especially useful now with both Venus and Mars dazzling your career sector. This is a time for putting yourself out there!


Leo Glyph Symbol Horoscope

Venus and Mars are transiting your solar ninth house, encouraging you to expand your mind and experiences through new studies, travels, or adventures, dear Leo. Jupiter begins its four-month retrograde in the opposite sector of your solar chart today, giving you more reason to pay a little less attention to your daily affairs and local or routine activities. It’s time to enjoy and develop what you already have in place rather than take on more daily duties and projects. This is a time for curbing excesses, slowing down, and reassessing current projects, particularly those that tie you down and keep you from doing the bigger thinking and learning. A creative endeavor or romance may also require balance. Moving forward too fast is not good for anyone. Returning to an old writing project or course of study may be particularly beneficial.


Virgo Symbol Horoscope

Jupiter will continue to transit your solar second house until October, dear Virgo, benefiting business and money matters. Today, Jupiter begins its yearly four-month retrograde cycle. There can be some initial waning of enthusiasm or delays with work, finances, or home-related issues. However, going forward as you adjust to the retrograde Jupiter cycle, this is a powerful time for reassessing your practical affairs, for easing up on spending, and for more realistically considering how much time and energy you have for work. Aim to restore balance to areas of your life where you’ve been excessive. For some Virgos, more focus on others can be in order now. For many of you, going back to old money-making projects or ideas, investments, or business ventures can be most profitable until June 9th.



Jupiter has been in your sign since September 2016 and will continue to bring benefits to your personality and plans until October, dear Libra. Jupiter boosts your self-confidence and optimism. Today, its four-month retrograde cycle begins, and some of this is set to turn inward. It’s not about lack of faith — you still have confidence in yourself, but you are less likely to go overboard with it. If you’ve been overdoing pleasures or the seeking of freedom, this is the time to rethink and make adjustments that bring you down to earth, just a little! For some of you, there can be changes in projects and studies. Returning or relaunching past endeavors can be particularly beneficial now, and certainly cutting back on the taking on of new extracurricular projects is important.


Scorpio Horoscope

Jupiter’s retrograde in your privacy sector, starting today and ending June 9th, encourages you to reassess certain goals and projects that have taken up too much of your time and energy, dear Scorpio. If you’ve been withdrawing too much or paying excessive attention to taking care of others to the point that you’re ignoring your own needs, then this is a time for seeing this as a problem and taking steps to balance the scales. As you adjust to this energy, you may find that coming out of your protective shell or paying more attention to your daily affairs and duties can be beneficial. You might need to slow down taking on new business or money making ideas as well. There can be distinct benefits to returning to old projects, ventures, and investments.


Sagittarius Horoscope

With Jupiter, your ruler, in your solar eleventh house, you may have come up with exciting new plans and ideas for future endeavors in recent months, dear Sagittarius. Jupiter turns retrograde today and will be retrograde until June 9th, making it more appropriate to develop and edit current projects or return to old ideas and rejuvenate them than to take on new ones. If you have too much on your plate, this is a time for paring things down or taking a breather. Focus on a few of the more viable plans and goals and tone down socializing if it’s now causing you to falter in other areas of life. This comes at a time when there is a lot of planetary activity in your sectors that rule your personal life and family, making it all the more useful to balance your energies and attention. During the retrograde cycle, reconnecting with old friends and dreams can be highly beneficial.


Capricorn HoroscopeWith Jupiter beginning its four-month retrograde cycle today, it would benefit you to tone things down a notch when it comes to pursuing your ambitions and loftier goals, dear Capricorn. It’s an excellent period for editing and refining current projects and for finding rewards in old ventures. This de-emphasis comes at a good time with Venus and Mars in your family and home sector – it gives you a chance to pay more attention to your personal life. Enjoy the moment, and capture it as well so that you can carry it forward. This is not a time for actively expanding, but rather for reaping the rewards of recent successes and focusing your energy on those projects already in progress. The Moon is in your work and health zone all day, and you have an emotional need to set your daily routines straight.



With Jupiter’s yearly retrograde beginning today, dear Aquarius, you might experience some natural waning of enthusiasm if you’ve been overdoing certain pursuits until you adjust to this inward-turning Jupiter energy. Once you do, you’ll recognize this four-month cycle as a good period for getting in touch with what truly motivates and enthuses you. Some of the faith you’ve been nurturing may seem to drop away, but only just enough for you to see your plans in a different, more realistic light. You might choose to return to old studies and projects to your benefit. A stronger emphasis on practical affairs is likely so that some de-emphasis of adventurous, pleasure-seeking activities can be beneficial so that you can focus your energies on taking care of your daily affairs.


PiscesThe Moon at the bottom of your solar chart today points to a desire or need to recoup some emotional energy through safe, familiar activities, dear Pisces. Jupiter turns retrograde in your intimacy sector and will remain retrograde until June 9th, pointing to some need to redirect some of your energy away from a partnership or a focus on others. There can be some waning of enthusiasm initially, after which things come more naturally to you. There may be the need to slow down or moderate shared finances or debts. If you’ve been overspending or over-borrowing, or otherwise too dependent on others for your happiness, then this is a time for bringing things back into balance. Recognize that there is a time for pushing things forward and a time for riding the wash, observing, and reflecting.


Courtesy of Cafe Astrology



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