Protection Charms


Mistletoe, also known as golden bough, carried in a little hand sewn cloth bag is a traditional Celtic method of protecting the self and is also used by the followers of the magic from America’s South.

Marjoram or wild oregano is believed to absorb dangerous negative energies when powdered and sprinkled about the home.

In Italy the followers of Italian witchcraft or stregheria make this herb into a tea and add it to the wash and scrub water to protect the home and its inhabitants.

Cuban and Puerto Rican followers of the folk religion known as Santeria regularly burns brown sugar, a pinch of sulfur and garlic powder on charcoal within their homes to cleanse them of any negative energy. When the home has been cleansed it is protected by praying to Santa Barbara, the saint of protection, by the light of a red and a white candle.

A pinch of sulfur powder and cayenne pepper carried in a little brown paper pouch upon which a sword has been drawn, can be carried to ward off hostile words and deeds.

Plain bluing (used to whiten clothes in the wash) is said to ward off evil spirits in the magic of America’s South. The bluing is generally carried in a little blue paper pouch. When a little sulfur and blue metal stone (the type often used in the process of making concrete) are added to bluing and carried in a blue cloth pouch, the charm is said to simultaneously ward off evil and attract lucky energies to the bearer.

Mirrors are said to frighten away dark spirits and tiny pieces of silvered glass are often sewn into Indian cotton dresses as are bells which are also used for this purpose. A tiny silver bell worn about the neck is a very potent protective charm as evil spirits cannot abide the sweet ring of any bell.

Travelers are especially in need of protection when in a foreign land. A tiny mirror smeared with a clove of garlic and placed beneath the bed is said to protect the sleeper when away from his or her own home.

The mirror may also be carried on one’s person for this same purpose.


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  1. HI love the post as usual. I have a question about the bluing , I only ever knew of liquid bluing and when I googled the powder it basically says it is bleach with a deep blue pigments like in paint or ink etc. So can I use paint powdered pigments? For an answer do I need to check back on this post, or is it emailed? I’ve asked questions before and I haven’t been able to find an answer to my question. Thanks I reall grateful for all the work you all put into this site. I’m learning a lot. Thanks again Barb


    1. Hmm, I am sorry for you now finding the replies to your comments. We have I don’t know how many comments come through here a day, it isn’t even funny. If one of us doesn’t jump on them when we first see them, they are gone(replaced by at least 50 others). The bluing they are referring to is in regards to countries that might not have the same products as we do. There is nothing wrong with just using plain old blue clothing dye. Adapt these charms and spells to suit your needs. If you have blue dye, then use it. It will work just as well, I promise. If I remember the charms correctly, it mentioned carrying some bluing powder with you. Simply put some of the blue clothing dye in its place and carry it with you. But one piece of advice if you decide to go this route, consecrate the dye to your intent. By doing that it will serve your purpose well.

      I hope I have answered your questions, anymore let me know. Again, I apologize for the emails, I will have to track them down and see what has become of them.
      Have a very blessed day,
      Lady A


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