A Very Beautiful & Blessed Tuesday Morn’ To All our Family & Friends!

 for you

Good Morning, my sweets! I hope everyone is having a beautiful Tuesday. I wanted to give you a brief heads up. Today, we will not be on the net. Hopefully this will be the last time I have to make this post or one similar ever again(yeah right, wishful thinking, lol!). I am sure you have probably noticed that we have been just dropping off the net suddenly. When it rains, we can’t get on , if we do, we are dropped. If a bird poops on the line, we are gone. Yesterday was the last straw, we were dropped and that was it. We couldn’t get back on for anything.

We have members that actually depend on us and with our current provider, we are not standing up to our commitment nor are we serving our members. I have been talk to a broadband provider for sometime now. I received a phone call yesterday afternoon from them. Their representative informed me that they were now installing in our area, if I was still interested. That phone call couldn’t have come at a better time. We are all sick, fed-up and tired of our present provider. We took a quick vote and I told the man to install us as quick as possible. He told me they would be out this morning, now that’s quick. I don’t know what will have to be done to connect us to their service. When the building was reconstructed all the old wiring was removed. Which I am very thankful for, didn’t trust it any further than I could have thrown it.

And they are right on time, he said 9:00 a.m., and they are here. We are off for now and will see you tomorrow. Hopefully faster and better than ever.


Till then….

Love ya,

Lady A