New essential oil necklace diffusers by Eupterra!

Just in time for Mother’s Day…

As promised, 3 new essential oil necklace diffusers are now available and ready for order.  Visit these links here to preview each, as they are all on special discounts for everyone who wants to buy one for mom!

Or for yourself, too 😉

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We have Rose-Gold Elven Hearts – can Glow in the Dark.

Silver & Gold Moon & Stars -can also Glow in the Dark.

and Gold Antique Morroccan pendants for all who want to bring a unique gift to the special lady in their lives.

Essential oil necklace pendants are one way to take essential oils with you wherever you go, in style!  Use them as a portable diffuser, and let me know what you think.

Hope you enjoy~

4 thoughts on “New essential oil necklace diffusers by Eupterra!

  1. Aw, no worries, my lady. Honestly, I just developed the three necklaces you saw there. They have been in design, production, and inspection for the past 3 months and just now went for sale. So, there is no way you could have known 🙂

    I am glad you liked your design of the Sand Dollar and my design, too. I plan on sending out coupons and deals sporadically, especially as more designs go up. If you want, you could sign up for my seasonal newsletter to get the coupons. Or just my rants about my series articles I write around each season of the year.

    If you do, here is the link:

    Either way, thanks for telling me what you thought!


    1. Ah, catching my breath for a minute. The reason I asked is because I bought a necklace that looks almost exactly like yours. Mine has the gold metal Sand Dollar that opens up. Then beside it there is a black onyx and a Sand Dollar. I feel in love with it. When I saw yours, I could have kicked myself. If I had known you had them, I would have bought one from you. See how much attention I pay to things, gee! I am going to have to check your site out. Might be some goodies over there we are interested in. Thank you, sweetie.


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