The Elements and Qualities of Sagittarius

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The Elements and Qualities of Sagittarius

The Elements and Qualities of Astrology are the fundamental building blocks of cosmic construction that describe what the different signs consider important and how they approach their first, basic concept of “what life is like … what it’s all about.”

With this information, you gain a new perspective on “why the signs are the way they are” — just as you can understand a friend or loved one better when you know his history and can at least appreciate — if not share — his central values. These things certainly are the personality components that define who he really is.

When the sign you’re examining is one of your own — especially one of your three major character indicators … Sun Sign, Moon Sign or Ascendant Sign … you gain more insight into your own being. With this knowledge, comes a much deeper grasp of why you are the way you are … and how to develop and profit from your innate character qualities.

The Elements and Qualities of Sagittarius
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