Nineteen accused witches were hanged on Gallows Hill in 1692:

June 10
Bridget Bishop

July 19
Rebecca Nurse
Sarah Good
Susannah Martin
Elizabeth Howe
Sarah Wildes

August 19
George Burroughs
Martha Carrier
John Willard
George Jacobs, Sr.
John Proctor

September 22
Martha Corey
Mary Eastey
Ann Pudeator
Alice Parker
Mary Parker
Wilmott Redd
Margaret Scott
Samuel Wardwell
One accused witch (or wizard, as male witches were often called) was pressed to death on September 19 when he failed to plead guilty or not guilty:
Giles Corey

Other accused witches died in prison:
Sarah Osborn
Roger Toothaker
Lyndia Dustin
Ann Foster

(As many as thirteen** others may have died in prison.)
**sources conflict as to the exact number of prison deaths


Salem Witchcraft Trials 1692

6 thoughts on “SALEM TRIALS

  1. Very dangerous situation for all of us, even now! Recently a group of people were burned alived with gasoline in Mulawi, Africa, accused of witchcraft…they were found in possession of human bones! Same procedure was done in Indonesia and other islamics countries! Therefore I keep it all inside my closet….cannot trust no one!


    1. It is an extremely good idea not to trust anyone. I am in the States and everyone around here knows I am a witch. As far as I know they are accepting of me. If they aren’t they have never made it known. I think the difference is they got to know me first. Then when the witch part came out, by accident, they already knew what kind of person I was. So they knew I was a good person and accepted the fact that I wouldn’t do them any harm. Now I could be wrong and the mob with pitch forks could be on there way but for now everything is lovely (I hope). Besides there are several witches here and I believe they would have one heck of a fight on their hands if they tried to drag any of us out. But if you are in part of the world that does not accept the Craft, it is best to keep it to yourself. Hopefully one day, the world in general will realize what we are really about and become more accepting.
      Goddess bless you & yours,
      Lady A


    1. If my memory serves me correctly, there was only one person who was an actually witch and that was Tituba. Tituba was a slave from Africa and she did practice witchcraft. She confessed to being a witch, jailed and then released later. She was never executed just sold to a new owner and from there I don’t know what happened to her. But far as actually witches, she was the only one that I know of. My ancestors came out of Ireland. There was a very large number of people executed in Europe and Ireland during that time period. In fact, there was so many no one actually knows how many were put to death. There were witches over there that were discovered and executed.

      A very sad period of history to say the least,
      Lady A


  2. My husband and son went together this last Christmas/Yule and got me the book “The Witches” By Stacy Schiff. One of the things that struck me as unusual is that (pg 3) “In 1692 the Massachusetts Bay Colony executed 14 women, five men and 2 DOGS for witchcraft.” Dogs? that was the first I read about that! Interesting book. I would recommend it for those interested in the Salem witch trials.


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