Daily Planet Tracker: Sun In Pisces, Now Until March 19th






Sun in Pisces

Now Until Mar 19, 2016


Two Fishes Bound by a Silver Cord

The symbol of Pisces is not one fish, but two. One fish is swimming up to heaven, and the other down to Earth. This represents Pisces’ place between the worlds, its greatest strength and its greatest challenge.

Pisces is a bridge between heaven and Earth, a reminder that the spiritual and material worlds are fully connected. The upward swimming fish is trying to leave behind the limitations of the physical plane. Feeling the gap between these worlds can be painful, and so escape becomes necessary.

We are all both physical and spiritual, regardless of our signs. Pisces is here to remind us that heaven and Earth are connected. It is time to experience the divine on this planet.

Signs are Seasons

Pisces, the last sign of winter in the Northern Hemisphere, is also the last sign of the zodiac. It is the time when the past is summed up to make way for the new year ahead. Pisces is the end of a cycle when we have the benefit of experience and, perhaps, even wisdom to guide our actions.

Yet, the end of winter can be a difficult time for those fatigued by the long struggle against the cold and dark. The fearful can remain stuck in despair. The hopeful, however, know that spring is just around the corner. This is a time to plant the seeds of imagination that will manifest and grow to fruition in the months ahead.

An Ocean of Feelings

Pisces is a water sign, as are Cancer and Scorpio. In the world of water, instincts and emotions are stronger than reason and planning. This is not to say that Pisces can’t be practical. Many of them are. Nor is this a time when we’re all going to drown in the waters of our own emotions. Water reminds us that we are all connected. That�s why Pisces is psychic.

Compassion also comes from this sense of contact with everything. It’s hard not to care about someone else’s pain when you feel it as your own. For balance, find a quiet place to get away from it all so that you can feel your feelings, rather than everyone elses.

Pisces Dreams

Pisces has a reputation as a dreamer, even an escape artist of sorts. Some are considered spacey, with their heads in the clouds. In fact, most Pisces can be very skillful at dealing with the demands of the real world. The key is that they need to find life inspiring. Pisces flourishes with hope and vision. Without it, life can feel overwhelming.

Sources of inspiration are, fortunately, endless. Music, art, dance, movies and theater are all domains in which Pisces can flourish. The creative gifts of this sign even do well in business and technical fields. Pisces are often found in the ranks of healers, where their intuitive senses and compassionate hearts help relieve the suffering of others.

Among the ranks of the famous born with the Sun in Pisces are artists Michelangelo and Pierre Auguste Renoir, and musicians George Harrison, James Taylor, Lou Reed, Brian Jones, Kurt Cobain, Nat King Cole and Nina Simone. Liz Taylor, Glenn Close, Sharon Stone, Drew Barrymore, Queen Latifah, Jennifer Love Hewitt and Thora Birch are Pisces actresses.

Pisces actors include Ron Howard and Rob Reiner, who have morphed into directors, Michael Caine, Bruce Willis and Billy Crystal. Politics attracts Pisces like Joe Lieberman, Ralph Nader and Ted Kennedy. Alan Greenspan is a Pisces (who likes to work in his bathtub), as are tycoons Steve Jobs and David Geffen and athletes Shaquille O’Neal and Kirby Puckett.

Other Pisces range from geniuses Albert Einstein and Bobby Fischer to George Washington to writer John Irving and the indescribable Tammy Faye Bakker.


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