THE COROLLARIES (The Revised Edition)

Magic of Dragons

a. As above so below. You can extrapolate the universe from one atom.

b. Rhythm serves as a counterbalancing pendulum.

c. “Chance” is a Law which tends to be ignored.

d. “Time” is a function of perspective, subject to the aggregate psychological outlook of your society.

e. Matter is a function of energy, energy can be converted but not destroyed.

f. The combination of any two energy forms will result in a third energy form more complex that the combination of the original two.

g. Even though there are always three choices available, you can always think of another one.

h. There is no such thing as a wrong emotion, just an incorrect interpretation and manifestation.

i. Don’t take yourself too seriously, you are a physical function of a very young race. And Life is lowlife clever practical joker, that loves to piss on your plans – keep your sense of humor.

j. It may not matter 10,000 years from now, but if it affects you it matters. Understand it and react accordingly.

k. Don’t pee in the beer.