Depression Banishing Candle Spell (Printable Spell Page)

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  1. Hi. My question is how often do I repeat a spell? I’m interested in the depression banishing spell. Do I do it daily and any pink and yellow candle will do? Thank you


    1. I apologize for taking so long to respond. Things around here have been hectic to say the least. First of all, you never dwell on a spell. You cast it and forget it. 90% of the time if you dwell on a spell it won’t come to fruition. The spell you are referring to here is suppose to be done in one night. You light the candles and let them burn out. Since it is a personal spell you could pick a certain lunar phase each month to cast it till you notice improvement. I would suggest the Full Moon since our powers are the strongest during this phase. As far as the candles go, since they are suppose to be left to burn out, a tea candle would work well. If you don’t have those colors, do an old witch’s trick. Get a white tea light candle and color the candle with a crayon or marker the color you desire. It works, I can vouch for that. Or just a plain white candle can be substituted for the color needed. Just remember this spell is for one night. Forgot about casting the spell. If you don’t see improvement by the time the next Full Moon rolls around, recast it and forget.

      Again I apologize for taking so long in responding. If you need anything else, please let me know. I promise I will try to be quicker with my response next time.
      Have a very blessed day,
      Lady A


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