12 Truths about Paganism


12 Truths about Paganism

Pagans teach that knowledge and wisdom is an inherent part of all humans and must simply be accessed by lowering our barriers through spiritual practice including meditation.

Pagans are pantheistic, regarding the entire universe as a manifestation of deity.

Pagans are polytheistic, worshiping more than one god.

Pagans venerate and work to conserve nature.

Pagans are inclusive of both the male and female spirit.

Pagans emphasize individual and social responsibility.

Pagans are community (clan / tribe) minded.

Pagans are accepting of private, sole spiritual practice.

Pagans emphasize harmony and balance.

Pagans believe that no quality when displayed in excess is a positive.

Pagans are tolerant and do not judge.

Pagans have no concept of sin, but they do recognize wrong that arises from bad choices and poor actions.

Riley Star, Paganism: Pagan holidays, beliefs, gods and goddesses, symbols, rituals, practices, and much more! An Introductory Guide