A Witch’s Public Announcement

And to think Lady A didn’t think I had a sense of humor :). If you have noticed today we have been running extremely slow. Lady A called our internet provider. They didn’t say if they would fix it at the office or have to come out. If they come out, we will be disconnected from the site.

I know it is awful to say but if we were off the internet for a few days and they fix the problem, we would all be happy as clams. We have come to the conclusion they will never fix it. Coining a phrase from Lady A, “They are just a bunch of hicks with technology so advanced they have no earthly idea how to run.” Have to agree with her.

We wanted to let you know what was going on, especially if we went POOF!

4 thoughts on “A Witch’s Public Announcement

  1. Thanks for the heads up, I really enjoy your website. I rely on internet very much these days. This is the first site I read every morning during coffee time 🙂 I hope you all get it fixed, I think it’s worth being offline for a few days if you can save some frustrations.


  2. Sorry to hear of the ongoing problem, it must be something that the providers are unable to fix, here in Nv. Our provider isn’t any more adept at repairing a problem or answering a question…..ours is still not right….but I want to mention something that’s happened on four occasions , when I tap on to the BOS, app on your newsletter, there is always a notice that pops up stating that my device has been infected with some virus, then tap here to fix, which then leads to a site to purchase some type of anti virus program, I have two different protection programs running, and nothing is ever detected, so just wanted to mention it, it only happens when I try to visit your BOS…..Hope your internet problems get handled this time….love the blog!

    Bright Blessings,


    1. Nancy,
      I am sincerely sorry you are having internet problems too. It is funny, a few years ago (longer than that) I could have cared less if I had internet. Now it seems we can’t live without it. As far as our newsletters go, we don’t have a thing to do with them being sent out. WordPress does all that and they scatter them to the four corners of the earth. Don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining at all. I love them for doing it for us. They have never had a hack or any security problems, I will have to get in touch with them. Something could have happened and they not know about it. These days you can never tell.

      Mystie did open up her email account and we clicked on our messages in her box. We found one that had the BOS mentioned, we clicked on it and nothing happened. The BOS is not suppose to open at all, it is just suppose to have a list of spells fall down under it. That is what happened when we clicked it, all the categories fell down the way they were suppose too. I know on Amazon about a year ago, they had a malware bug get into their system. Every time I went to get a book, a notice saying my computer was infected came up. Then like you said, you were sent to a site to purchase a program to fix it. Please don’t buy anything. These are crooks trying to get a hold of your personal information. I had to write Amazon twice before I ever got a response from them. They gave me a list of stuff to do while they got rid of it on their end. First, I had to go into my control panel and see if any recently added programs were there that I wasn’t familiar with. I found one. They told me to delete it from my computer. Next, they told me to clean out all my caches and cookies. These are found in your “Tools” at the top of your browser. You open it up and you will see that is has a spot for deleting your cookies and clearing your cache. After that I did another security scan and everything was fine but of course, it was fine all the time, yeah right.

      But I will contact WordPress and have them check into this. I appreciate you letting us know because this is the first that we have heard of it. Hopefully, WP will have it fixed shortly or at least have an idea where to start to fix it.
      Thank you again, dear sister,
      Lady A


    2. I got in touch with WordPress and they told me to tell you if it happened again to contact them. The email addy to use is help@wordpress.com. He told me they would check into the problem and see what was going on. He was like me, though, this was the first he had heard of anything like this either.


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