Lucky Money Charm/Poppet

Lucky Money Charm/Poppet

For a lucky charm that will bring you prosperity, make a small poppet containing a winning lottery ticket, a single die, and a golden coin. Stuff it full with red, green, or gold paper. Sew it up and say:

Fortune, fortune, Gamelia be!
Forever fortune bring to me.
By this poppet, close I’ll stay.
Fortune bright find me today!

2 thoughts on “Lucky Money Charm/Poppet

    1. Ok, a quick gambling lesson, lol! A gambler uses a set of dice to roll whatever they are playing. Everyone is use to the dice being called dice. But if you use only one, then they are called die. So get yourself a set of dice and use one for the spell and everything will be lovely. I hope I have answered your question.
      Have a blessed day,
      Lady A


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