Samhain Coven Gathering



Saturday, October 31, 2015


6:00 to 7:00 PM CT


Coven Life Chat Room

For information on how to find and get into the chat room or to figure out your local time please check out the banner on the left side of Coven Life Home Page.


Instead of doing a ritual circle, our circle will be a place for us to share how we as an individual have or will be honoring our ancestor on Samhain. After Lady Beltane makes the circle at 6:15 PM CT no one else will be admitted into the chat as not to break our circle.

I ask that everyone who attends to share something with the rest of the coven on how they did or will be honoring their ancestors.

Also, since this is the Celtic pagan New Year I ask each of you to think of one attainable goal to set for the coming year and share it with us. When I say attainable goal I mean something like reading a certain book about The Craft, make a candle on Imbolc, make a crown of flowers for Beltane,…well I think you get the idea.

It is also the third harvest celebration. Let us know how your garden(s) did if you had one.

Just because it says coven does not mean you have to be in the coven to attend. All Pagans are welcome to join us! If you have any questions about the gathering please email me at I look forward to many of us coming together to celebrate this wonderful Sabbat.


‘THINK on THESE THINGS’ for October 29th

By Joyce Sequichie Hifler

We have often heard it said that God never closes one door unless He opens another. It is a great comfort to know we never really lose when we believe, for any defeat can be turned to good if we will absorb the lesson in it.

And yet, how often we refuse to go through that door that has been opened for us. It is so much easier to stand back and wail about the closed one. There seems to be a certain amount of glorification in defeat. It is a subtle something that hides in us and keeps us from doing well that which we know we are capable of doing. If we show strength, we are afraid we will have to stand alone.

Sometimes a door will close for us because that particular one would have caused us more unhappiness, but it never closes for punishment. God is love and love does not punish, nor does it have any power but to give what is right and good for us. With this knowledge, we can by grace walk through those doors that open to us and know it is right.

Available online! ‘Cherokee Feast of Days’
By Joyce Sequichie Hifler.

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Elder’s Meditation of the Day
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Elder’s Meditation of the Day – October 29

Elder’s Meditation of the Day – October 29

“Mothers must protect the lives they have helped to bring into the world.”

–Haida Gwaii, Traditional Circle of Elders

Every child is subject to the seeds each adult plants in his/her mind. If we plant praise and “you can do it”, the child will grow up with certain predictable behavior patterns. If we plant ideas that there’s something wrong with you or you’re good for nothing, the child will grow up with predictable behavior patterns. We need to honor and respect the mothers who protect the children and plant positive seeds for their growth.

Great Spirit, bless each mother and give her courage and faith.

October 29 – Daily Feast

October 29 – Daily Feast

Something new is always an exciting prospect. It can be anything that changes the face of daily life and brings it into a new pattern that makes us feel better. Drudgery can take over our thinking and then our actions. Sticking too close to one routine and never having a change is an obvious sign we are heading for drudgery. If renewal is to come there must be change – even if it is to walk a short distance, talk to someone out of the ordinary, and do something for someone. These things sound simplistic but if they turn our thinking to more creativity or more relaxation, it is worth doing.

~ I felt that I was leaving all that I had but I did not cry. ~


‘A Cherokee Feast of Days, Volume II’ by Joyce Sequichie Hifler

The Daily Motivator for October 29th – One hundred percent you

One hundred percent you

by Ralph Marston

Your life is what you decide to make it. Though you are pushed, pulled, bumped and disrupted by outside influences, whatever you nurture inside wins the day.

Your life unfolds according to what you value, love, admire, emulate and commit yourself to. That doesn’t mean merely what you say you care about, but what you truly care about with your actions and priorities in every moment.

Go ahead, activate your confidence in your own unique life. Admit to yourself and proclaim to the world what matters to you.

Read the full message at

The Daily OM for October 29th – Paying Attention to Red Flags

Paying Attention to Red Flags
Warning Signs

by Madisyn Taylor

Red flags often come in the form of feelings urging us to pause for a moment, listen to our intuition, and reconsider.

Just as the universe wants to provide for our needs, it also seeks to protect us from dangerous situations, destructive relationships, and even minor inconveniences. Frequently in our lives, perhaps everyday, we encounter psychic red flags warning us of potential problems or accidents. We may not always recognize the signs. However, more often than not, we may choose to ignore our intuition when it tells us that “something just isn’t right.”

Red flags often come in the form of feelings urging us to pause for a moment, listen to our intuition, and reconsider. We may even experience a “bad” feeling in our bellies. This is a red flag letting us know that there may be a problem. We may not even know what the red flag is about. All we know is that the universe is trying to wave us in a different direction. We just have to pay attention and go another way. We may even wonder whether we are paranoid or imagining things. However, when we look back at a situation or relationship where there were red flags, it becomes easy to understand exactly what those warning signs meant. More often than not, a red flag is not a false warning. Rather, it is the universe’s way of informing us, through our own innate guidance system, that our path best lies elsewhere.

We may try to ignore the red flags waving our way, dismissing our unease as illogical. Yet it is always in our best interest to pay attention to them. For example, we may meet someone who outwardly seems perfect. They are intelligent, attractive, and charming. Yet, for some reason, being around them makes us feel uneasy. Any interactions we have with them are awkward and leave us feeling like there is something “off” about the situation. This is not necessarily a bad person. But, for some reason, the universe is directing us away from them. Red flags are intended with our best interests at heart. No harm can ever come from stopping long enough to heed a red flag. Pay attention to any red flags that pop up. The universe is always looking out for you.

The Daily OM

You Call It Hallowe’en… We Call It Samhain

You Call It Hallowe’en… We Call It Samhain

Author: Peg Aloi 

October 31st, commonly called Hallowe’en, is associated with many customs, some of them mysterious, some light-hearted, some of them downright odd. Why do we bob for apples, carve pumpkins into jack-o-lanterns, and tell ghost stories on this night? Why do children go door-to-door asking for candy, dressed in fantastical costumes? How is Hallowe’en connected to All Soul’s Day, celebrated by some Christian denominations on November 1st? And what is the significance of this holiday for modern-day Witches?

A Brief History of Hallowe’en

Hallowe’en has its origins in the British Isles. While the modern tradition of trick or treat developed in the U. S., it too is based on folk customs brought to this country with Irish immigrants after 1840. Since ancient times in Ireland, Scotland, and England, October 31st has been celebrated as a feast for the dead, and also the day that marks the new year. Mexico observes a Day of the Dead on this day, as do other world cultures. In Scotland, the Gaelic word “Samhain” (pronounced “SAW-win” or “SAW-vane”) means literally “summer’s end.”

Other names for this holiday include: All Hallows Eve (“hallow” means “sanctify”); Hallowtide; Hallowmass; Hallows; The Day of the Dead; All Soul’s Night; All Saints’ Day (both on November 1st).

For early Europeans, this time of the year marked the beginning of the cold, lean months to come; the flocks were brought in from the fields to live in sheds until spring. Some animals were slaughtered, and the meat preserved to provide food for winter. The last gathering of crops was known as “Harvest Home, ” celebrated with fairs and festivals.

In addition to its agriculture significance, the ancient Celts also saw Samhain as a very spiritual time. Because October 31 lies exactly between the Autumnal Equinox and the Winter Solstice, it is theorized that ancient peoples, with their reliance on astrology, thought it was a very potent time for magic and communion with spirits. The “veil between the worlds” of the living and the dead was said to be at its thinnest on this day; so the dead were invited to return to feast with their loved ones; welcomed in from the cold, much as the animals were brought inside. Ancient customs range from placing food out for dead ancestors, to performing rituals for communicating with those who had passed over.

Communion with the dead was thought to be the work of witches and sorcerers, although the common folk thought nothing of it. Because the rise of the Church led to growing suspicion of the pagan ways of country dwellers, Samhain also became associated with witches, black cats (“familiars” or animal friends), bats (night creatures), ghosts and other “spooky” things…the stereotype of the old hag riding the broomstick is simply a caricature; fairy tales have exploited this image for centuries.

Divination of the future was also commonly practiced at this magically-potent time; since it was also the Celtic New Year, people focused on their desires for the coming year. Certain traditions, such as bobbing for apples, roasting nuts in the fire, and baking cakes which contained tokens of luck, are actually ancient methods of telling fortunes.

So What About Those Jack-O-Lanterns?

Other old traditions have survived to this day; lanterns carved out of pumpkins and turnips were used to provide light on a night when huge bonfires were lit, and all households let their fires go out so they could be rekindled from this new fire; this was believed to be good luck for all households. The name “Jack-O-Lantern” means “Jack of the Lantern, ” and comes from an old Irish tale. Jack was a man who could enter neither heaven nor hell and was condemned to wander through the night with only a candle in a turnip for light. Or so goes the legend…

But such folk names were commonly given to nature spirits, like the “Jack in the Green, ” or to plants believed to possess magical properties, like “John O’ Dreams, ” or “Jack in the Pulpit.” Irish fairy lore is full of such references. Since candles placed in hollowed-out pumpkins or turnips (commonly grown for food and abundant at this time of year) would produce flickering flames, especially on cold nights in October, this phenomenon may have led to the association of spirits with the lanterns; and this in turn may have led to the tradition of carving scary faces on them. It is an old legend that candle flames which flicker on Samhain night are being touched by the spirits of dead ancestors, or “ghosts.”

Okay, What about the Candy?

“Trick or treat” as it is practiced in the U. S. is a complex custom believed to derive from several Samhain traditions, as well as being unique to this country. Since Irish immigrants were predominantly Catholic, they were more likely to observe All Soul’s Day. But Ireland’s folk traditions die hard, and the old ways of Samhain were remembered. The old tradition of going door to door asking for donations of money or food for the New Year’s feast, was carried over to the U. S. from the British Isles. Hogmanay was celebrated January 1st in rural Scotland, and there are records of a “trick or treat” type of custom; curses would be invoked on those who did not give generously; while those who did give from their hearts were blessed and praised. Hence, the notion of “trick or treat” was born (although this greeting was not commonly used until the 1930’s in the U. S.). The wearing of costumes is an ancient practice; villagers would dress as ghosts, to escort the spirits of the dead to the outskirts of the town, at the end of the night’s celebration.

By the 1920’s, “trick or treat” became a way of letting off steam for those urban poor living in crowded conditions. Innocent acts of vandalism (soaping windows, etc.) gave way to violent, cruel acts. Organizations like the Boy Scouts tried to organize ways for this holiday to become safe and fun; they started the practice of encouraging “good” children to visit shops and homes asking for treats, so as to prevent criminal acts. These “beggar’s nights” became very popular and have evolved to what we know as Hallowe’en today.

What Do Modern Witches Do at Hallowe’en?

It is an important holiday for us. Witches are diverse, and practice a variety of traditions. Many of us use this time to practice forms of divination (such as tarot or runes). Many Witches also perform rituals to honor the dead; and may invite their deceased loved ones to visit for a time, if they choose. This is not a “seance” in the usual sense of the word; Witches extend an invitation, rather than summoning the dead, and we believe the world of the dead is very close to this one. So on Samhain, and again on Beltane (May 1st), when the veil between the worlds is thin, we attempt to travel between those worlds. This is done through meditation, visualization, and astral projection. Because Witches acknowledge human existence as part of a cycle of life, death and rebirth, Samhain is a time to reflect on our mortality, and to confront our fears of dying.

Some Witches look on Samhain as a time to prepare for the long, dark months of winter, a time of introspection and drawing inward. They may bid goodbye to the summer with one last celebratory rite. They may have harvest feasts, with vegetables and fruits they have grown, or home-brewed cider or mead. They may give thanks for what they have, projecting for abundance through the winter. Still others may celebrate with costume parties, enjoying treats and good times with friends. There are as many ways of observing Samhain as there are Witches in the world!

Destroying to Create: A Lesson from the Dead

Destroying to Create: A Lesson from the Dead

Author: Moonfang

As Samhain approaches we, as Pagans, Witches, Heathens, or whatever you like to call yourself, reflect on the year that has passed. Being raised Southern Baptist, I was always taught that Halloween was “Satan’s Holiday” even though I got to enjoy trick-or-treating until I was about nine years old.

Every year on Halloween, I go to my grandfather’s grave and eat lunch or dinner there. Not just to honor his spirit but also to celebrate his birthday, which is on October 30. This time around, I have another one to visit but I‘ll get to that in a moment.

I remember the book and the cartoon adaptation of “The Halloween Tree”. The Mexican traditions of The Day of the Dead are some common practices for me. I enjoy being able to commune with my ancestors and feel as if they are still with me. I have also taken time on Samhain to reflect back on the year and to think about what I have “planted” and what I have “reaped” whether it is for better or for worse. Samhain was traditionally the Celtic New Year but the Gregorian calendar now has January 1 as the beginning of the New Year. But on New Year’s Eve, who doesn’t make a list of things that they want to accomplish and reflect back on the year to see how far they have come? Habits are hard to break and even I still adhere to this one.

In the past year, I have lost a job, became homeless, found out I was HIV+, and on September 19, 2013, I lost my ex, Isaac Bashir, whom was found unresponsive in his apartment by his roommate, having died in his sleep. Guilt over this has set in because he had sent me a text message a week before he died and I never replied to it. Also, our last words spoken to each other months before were not exactly friendly. His message? “Don’t let your anger keep you from love”. That has stuck with me even in this moment.

I like to think that maybe Isaac knew he was going to die and this was his way of saying he was thinking of me because he knew how I am. I’ll admit that I have something of a temper when it comes to people mistreating me and people I care for. Who doesn’t? I am a Leo. I let pride get in the way of my feelings. I used to think that I could walk through life and not worry about what I said to others. I, like most people, believed that I would see those people again. How wrong I was.

So what does this have to do with my title? Well, in the book “Sacred Paths for Modern Men” by Dagonet Dewr (which is a very awesome read) , the author describes an archetype called The Destroyer. Dagonet describes the Destroyer as someone/something that destroys so the Creator can create. This is part of the belief in the cycle of birth, death, and rebirth. We live, we die, and we are reborn.

Figuratively and literally.

Isaac’s last words to me and his passing destroyed something in me and gave birth to something else. It destroyed my pride and allowed me to see more clearly. As a worshipper of the Morrigan, this is something most welcomed. It’s a challenge and a call to answer. And I’m answering. The author also talks about how we can take our fear and make it into our strength by embracing that which we fear. The Destroyer is Death, not the Grim Reaper version, but a force that is necessary for our world to continue on.

There’s a picture/meme that I’ve seen that shows Life and Death having a conversation where Life asks, “How come people love me yet hate you?” and Death replies, “Because you are a beautiful life and I’m a painful truth.” This is true. We all must have this inevitable truth. The gift of the Destroyer is that Death gives us the strength to continue on and face what needs to be done. Sometimes in the process, you have to be strong. Sometimes you mourn and so work through your feelings that way…whatever it takes. Death is a continuing cycle and the wheel of life must keep turning.

I never want my last words to someone to be something filled with anger. Karma is a fickle mistress as recent events have shown me. As someone who claims to have a warrior’s spirit, a true warrior can admit mortal weakness and be bolstered by immortal strength. I believe that a true warrior is not afraid to show emotion where it is needed. There’s a saying: “Sometimes those who cry, do so because they’ve been strong for too long”. I’ve been strong for a long time. I never really showed my true emotions to people. But in the gift of the Destroyer, of Death, you can find the strength to let go and let the cycle of life continue on knowing that you are a part of it and necessary to help maintain the balance in this world.

So, as this next magical year comes and the past one leaves, think about what you want to “destroy” and what you want to “create”. What is it that you want to mourn and/or allow to die so that life can move on? Is it a habit? An ideal? Or someone that you loved? It’s never too late to make the change and to mold yourself into something better.

I want to be molded into a powerful instrument for the Goddess and the God. I want to be a pillar for my community and to honor those who have come before me. So on Samhain this year, I will be honoring not only my grandfather for the strength that he gave me but also Isaac, who showed me how to destroy the worst parts of myself in order to create something beautiful.

Isaac Bashir, you will always have a special place in my heart. May the Goddess Morrigan guide you and may Lord Anubis protect you. Until we meet again the Summerlands. “Death leaves a hole that nothing can fill but Love leaves a memory that no one can steal”.

How the Wheel of the Year Works “Down Under”

How the Wheel of the Year Works “Down Under”

Author: Aquarian Tabernacle Church 

This year has been an exciting one at WiccanSeminary.EDU. As we bring WiccanSeminary.EDU/Australia online, we have discovered many new and wonderful things about our brothers and sisters from the Southern Hemisphere. Wicca begs us to ask questions that lead us to enlightening answers. As we worked with our new Australian Dean, Adam Barralet (BEAR-uh-lay) , and his assistant Phoenix Silverstar, new and unexpected questions emerged.

“The seasons are opposite, does that make a difference? How do the current Witches practice down there? And ultimately, IF the sabbats are celebrated during different Astrological times of the year, wouldn’t that have an effect on the energy of the Sabbat? And if YES, then what would those changes mean?”

My lifelong work has been about decoding Wicca as an astrological mystery religion, so this was a very juicy brainteaser of a question. Since I had never been to the Southern Hemisphere, I could not know what the energy is like, or how it would be different. So I pulled out my scientific baseline for studying Wicca, “The Wheel of WISE” and began the deciphering process. I figured after forming a theory, we would compare what I found to Adam’s experience.

The Wheel of WISE is my brainchild. It started during my formal training, as my teacher had a wooden spell wheel with what was considered the usual correspondences on it. I loved it. Everyone that came into his shop loved it. After we lost contact, I worked to recreate it. After 15 years of study and tweaking, what emerged changed the way I study magic. I use this wheel in my teachings to help my students and I refer to it any time new questions arise in my practice. The Wheel of WISE helps keep me on track, “As Above, So Below, ” with the sacred sciences our religion is built upon. It keeps me from losing my way or wandering off on a magical tangent. Scientists call this a scientific baseline. I find it an invaluable tool that answers every question I have put to it. This time was no exception.

When the question came, I found some interesting answers that are in flow with the questions of our time. I found that those born in the Southern Hemisphere are born into a different energy altogether. I remembered a public service commercial jingle that echoed the sentiment perfectly, and it kept ringing in my head as I worked through this project. It was as though my guides were chanting it, “More WE, less ME.” I felt we were uncovering something very important to our changing, Post-2012 universe. Whereas the overriding theme in the Northern Hemisphere is the success of the individual, the Southern hemisphere has more of a focus towards success of the community as a whole. Here each individual in the south determines their value based on their ability to contribute to those around them.

Interesting shifts can be noticed where the attitudes of the Northern Hemisphere (which has dominated history in the last few hundred years) about success of the individual has come at the determinant of the greater whole. We now see shifts in consciousness as people across the globe resent individuals, such as the super rich, and are turning back to valuing grassroots and community projects that benefit the whole. This demonstrates a more altruistic existence for humanity. I couldn’t wait to share what I found with the officers at Wiccan Seminary and hear Adam’s thoughts.

Adam explained that most of the people in the Southern Hemisphere only change the times that they present the sabbats, meaning they celebrate Yule in July, rather than December. He tells us that the Gardenarians he knows hold true to the BOS regardless of the season or weather, as the Sun is still in that Astrological sign, no matter where you are on the globe. We had no working precedent or tradition to reference when moving forward with this study other than our own astrological knowledge and understanding of the sabbats. It was an enchanting challenge to unravel these energies.

What we discovered is that in the Southern Hemisphere you are born into a universe of Relationships (Libra) , instead of one focused on the Self (Aries) , where you are a part of something that already exists. Your experience with the world around you is as a member of something larger than yourself – a family, a tribe, a village, etc. As I discussed this perspective with Adam, who also hasn’t experienced the Northern Hemisphere wheel, we discovered some very important differences in the worldview. Understanding these differences can deeply enrich both halves of our globe.

In an effort to share a quick overview of this exciting information, rather than present a long narrative, I offer the following table. This has ended up being groundbreaking in our view of the Southern Wheel of the Year. We are very excited to be presenting this new information in the Wheel of the Year – Southern Hemisphere class starting this January at WiccanSeminary.EDU at new times that are convenient for our Australian and European Students.

Northern Hemisphere (NH)
Ostara @ Aries
Aries is about SELF

Born into a world that didn’t exist before your arrival. Everything in the world is there for you to use to obtain your goals, wants and desires. We define our surroundings by things that are “mine” and “not mine”. We learn of Sacred Selfishness, and the right to thrive.

Southern Hemisphere (SH)
Ostara @ Libra
Libra is about RELATIONSHIPS

Born into a relationship, where you are defined by your place in the family, tribe or village. Your focus is on where you fit in, and what role you play in the whole. We share resources. We look to see how their talents and abilities can benefit the group. This is a time for regaining balance, a constant task of Librans. We are shifting from a time of solitude to a more social time. We prepare ourselves and start to birth projects that will enable us to contribute to the Greater Good. As the weather warms we enjoy more social activities such as BBQs and beach visits. “Mateship”, the concept that we stick by each other, is a theme that is given attention at this time.

NH: Beltaine @ Taurus
Taurus is about LOVE

We seek our partner, the one that makes our heart sing. LOVE is our number one motivation. How the person makes us feel, and what they bring to our world, is the number one consideration. We often fall in love with someone who isn’t good for us in other areas and we work towards learning to be good for each other, so that we can experience the elation of the chemical responses that our company elicits

SH: Beltaine @ Scorpio
Scorpio is about POWER

We seek a partner that compliments our purpose, as well as the family or tribe. One that helps us accomplish our larger goals. We connect with those who help us be better people and who make us more successful in our endeavors. This is also a time when we are summoning and gathering power for our projects. We find strength and passion within and seek resources and people who can help us succeed.

NH: Litha @ Cancer
Cancer is about MOTHER and amp; HOME

At Litha we look for our purpose, what we are supposed to be doing with our life, and how our current surroundings support that purpose. We build a life and nurture a home that supports our needs, and look to improve on ourselves that we may be better able to achieve our goals.

SH: Litha @ Capricorn
Capricorn is about FATHER and amp; REPUTATION

At Litha in Capricorn we are focused on how what we do builds our value to the group. We are concerned about how our actions bring honor to our house. We focus on how to apply our skills and talents in a purposeful way to build a positive reputation within our community.

NH: Lammas @ Leo

At Lammas we are experiencing the mastery of our skill and accomplishment. We evaluate our achievements based on how we feel looking at ourselves in the mirror. We thank the Gods for all that they have given us, and demonstrate what greatness we have accomplished with the resources we have been given. We take pride in our work, and appreciate what was sacrificed to achieve it.

SH: Lammas @ Aquarius

This is a time to reflect on the past cycle. Conscious of those around us, we evaluate our successes often by the reaction of our peers. If we have made a positive change and evoked reassuring feedback, we feel good about our actions. If we have become selfish and forgotten about the welfare of the community, we shall be cut down. In Australia, we have a dislike of over-achievers or showing off. We call it “tall poppy syndrome, ” meaning we disapprove of those who attempt to better themselves at the expense of others. This shows the cultural difference of focus on growing the self where in Australia, if you grow too much of the self, it shows that you don’t do enough to help others.

NH: Mabon @ Libra
Libra is about RELATIONSHIPS

Mabon at Libra is the time that we die and return to the All. It’s the time when we truly experience ourselves as part of a whole, something larger than ourselves. We no longer experience the world as an individual striving to accomplish something.

SH: Mabon @ Aries
Aries is about SELF

This is the time that we have completed our work and we take time for ourselves, to rest. Each individual reflects on what they did and looks at what they can do in preparation for the next year to contribute to the community. It is a time of solace and much attention is given in comparing your work to that of others.

NH: Samhain at Scorpio
Scorpio is about POWER

At Samhain in Scorpio we are merged with the All. We are one with the Goddess. We are part of the whole, the ultimate power in the Universe. We are reunited with loved ones, soul mates, soul families and celebrate our time of reuniting with our true nature. On a microcosmic level, this is the time of year when we start our holiday season and make plans to travel to visit family.

SH: Samhain @ Taurus
Taurus is about LOVE

In Australia they see the dying process as Earth taking you back to her breast to nurture you again. In the north, many of our religions see you dying with your soul rising up to the sky. In the south, they see you as returning to the earth. Many of the Australian Aboriginal myths and stories. Much of it looks at the land and its animals and how they came to be. There is a great focus on connection to the Earth rather than the Heavens.

NH: Yule @ Capricorn
Capricorn is about FATHER and amp; REPUTATION

Here we honor and express gratitude to those that helped us throughout the year with gifts. We forgive those who might have hurt us, and focus on being good people and doing good deeds.

SH: Yule @ Cancer
Cancer is about MOTHER and amp; HOME

This is the time of year to take stock in ourselves, to look at how we were able to be of service in the previous year, and how we can build on that in the coming year. We give gifts that are helpful and needed, especially to those less fortunate.

NH: Imbolc @ Aquarius

We set goals for the new Year. This is the time when we are most able to make long-term plans, and when we are the most connected to our higher purpose. We plan our next incarnation so that we can most easily fulfill our purpose.

SH: Imbolc @ Leo

This is the time when we look at how our unique qualities serve the greater good. We take personal stock and plan our next incarnation based on where we can put our individual qualities to best use for the benefit of the group.


This article was written by Belladonna Laveau and Adam Barralet.