Good Friday Morning Brothers & Sisters of the Craft

It has been several days since you have heard anything from us or received any posts. We apologize for this inconvenience but circumstances were beyond our control. Lady Abyss would be informing you of our current situation but she is rather busy dealing with the insurance company and trying to find us another place to temporarily operate from.

We have tried for the last few years to have fundraisers and ask for donations to fix our central heating and air unit. We had a cold snap to come through and Lady A decided to see if there was any way possible the unit would heat our building. Plainly speaking, all of us were tired of living like we were in caveman days. Each winter trying to stay warm any way we could, in the summer having personal a/c units running and still sweating and miserable. We all agreed to see if the unit would run and this winter perhaps we would not have to freeze. As a result of that decision, the central heating unit ran for about 30 minutes and then caught on fire. The picture below is one that Lady A took to send into the insurance company.

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As you can see, a fireman is digging through the rubble to see what caused the fire. It was determined that wires melted together along with melting duct work that cause the fire. The room pictured contained the heating unit. That room as you can see is extensively damaged, along with a small bathroom on the other side of this room. The fire department responded quickly or the entire building would have been lost. We have numerous computers that were destroyed not because of the fire but the water used to put the fire out.

Our current situation is bleak. We do have insurance but we have a deductible we have to meet. Then we also have to find a temporary location to operate from. No one is going to volunteer to give you a location to use while your office building is being repairs. We have been operating in the red for several months, now this has buried us.

We have rental expenses for a new temporary building, computers to replace and not to mention the deductible that is required by the insurance company. We are looking at more expenses than we currently have funds for. We are currently accepting donations to help us get back on our feet. We don’t like to ask but in this case it is unavoidable. We find ourselves in a bad situation with no way out with the help of good hearted individuals that might be willing to make a donation to us. We have been on the internet and provided a very useful service to the Pagan community. We would like to continue our work and our service to you, our followers, our friends and our family.

Lady A has been looking into spaces to rent. The space that she has found that can accommodate us is about $650.00 a month. The contractors estimate that we will be out of our building for at least three months. One added expense. The most important expense right now is coming up with the insurance deductible, without that no work starts. We are currently looking at a budget up in the thousands of dollars which we do not have. We are trying every avenue available to us to raise these funds. If you would like to make a donation, we would greatly appreciate it.

We would appreciate any help that you can offer us. We want to resume our work as soon as possible. Your donations will help us succeed in that area. Raising the money for another building to lease is not our main concern right now. Coming up with the money for the deductible so work can begin is. If you would like to donate, any amount, we would be very grateful to you and it would also help us start to get back on our feet.

Thank you,

The WOTC Staff