Wishing Each & Everyone Of Our Brothers & Sisters A Very Blessed Wednesday!

Merry Meet PicturesAn it Harm None

This world would be a better place,
If everyone believed,
The pagan rule of bring no harm,
To those who live and breath,
But that’s an idealogoly,
That can never be fulfilled,
For religions all around the world,
Bear other faiths I’ll will.

They all say they are peaceful,
They say their God is right,
They say that if you don’t believe,
You should forfeit your life,
Just look back at history,
And even here today,
Religion is not peaceful,
No matter to who you pray.

A world without religion?
That’s never going to be,
For faiths will fight to put their God,
On the pinnacle of the tree,
And if there’s no religion,
What then will man fight for?
For man must fight for something,
He must always be at war.

You know my friends, it seems to me,
That whatever you believe,
We only want to live in peace,
But that will never be,
For God will be on both sides,
Fighting against himself,
And we are mere pawns in His game,
His game of cat and mouse.

But we could thwart His little game,
If we only had the will,
To turn our back on evil things,
And bear no one ill will,
Following the Pagan Way,
With nature we’d be one,
And we would praise the morning dew,
And the setting of the sun.

—-Pagan Ways
Alan Faraway