Wednesday’s Perfect Ritual – Clearing the Air with Blue Lace Agates

Witch WeavingWednesday’s Perfect Ritual – Clearing the Air with Blue Lace Agates

Try this spell for yourself, and see the difference that it makes when you work magick in balance with all four of the natural elements.

• 1 blue votive candle
• 1 votive cup
• 4 blue lace agates
• A picture of your home and/or your family and pets (whoever lives in the house)
• Lighter or matches
• A safe, flat surface on which to set up the spell

Place the blue votive in the votive cup. Set the photos of your home and family on either side of the candleholder. Next, arrange the four blue lace agates in a small circle around the candle holder. As you place the tumbled stones one by one, say these lines:

Blue lace agates, lend me your power
Cleanse this home in this time and hour
Around this candle I create a ring
These four blue lace agates are just the thing.

Now light the spell candle and hold your hands out and over the stones and candle. (Not too close, we don’t want you scorching your witchy fingers.) Finish the spell by saying the following verse:

I now call the four elements on this Wednesday night
On the wings of Mercury, I quickly set things to right
By blue lace agates and candle flame, this spell is begun

Now remove all negativity, and let it harm none. Allow the votive to burn until it goes out on its own. (Most votives take four to six hours to burn completely out.) When the spell candle is consumed, take the four blue lace agates and place one in each of the four main corners of your home. This will keep the spell moving along quickly, and it will reenforce the cleansing. Clean up the rest of your spellwork supplies, and put up the pictures of your family in a prominent place so you can enjoy them.


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Ellen Dugan

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