Special Request from one of our Members – Correspondences for the West

Native American Comments & Graphics Correspondences for the West


The Wheel of the West- Inner Knowing and self-knowledge, Dreams, Emotions, feelings, introspection, shamanic journeys and initiations, healing, balancing the active male and receptive female energies, deep psychic work, spiritual renewal, communications, deep void-level meditations, hibernation.

Element- Water

Energy- Tidal – it ebbs and flows, but never floods.

The Journey- The Journey to Inner Vision.

Traditional Colors- Blue-Green, Aqua, Grey, Blue-Grey, Black, Indigo, Blue, Silver, The white of sea foam in the moonlight.

Sacred Spirits- Poseidon: God of oceanic consciousness, Neptune: God of Psychic Flow, Isis: Goddess of the rivers of life, Arianrhod: Celtic Goddess of the Moon and Earth, Selene: Goddess of the Full Moon, Hecate: Goddess of the Dark Moon, Gabriel: Archangel of the West, angel of the Moon and inner vision, Niksa: Servant of Gabriel, fluid shape-changer of the inner worlds, Undines: Elemental spirits of Water, Ruled by Niksa, Eheieh: Elemental King of Water.

Sacred Animals- Water Creatures: Dreamwork, Sea Mammals: For Psychic Communication, Sea Birds: For uplifted emotions, Heron: For intuition and organization, inner self-knowledge, Jaguar: For Shamanic Journeys and Self-Initiations, Raven: For dreams and inner knowledge, spirit communication, Bear: For introspection and expecially for healing, Spiritual healing and renewal, Elk: For feelings and emotions, Fish: For all types of swimming in the tides of life’s emotions, Dolphin: Deep Psychic Work, Panther: Introspection, Night Creatures: Journeys.

Sacred Items- Water treasures, Seaweeds, Roots, Dark Feathers, Void Meditations

Sacred Plants- Willow: Journeys, Magick, Pine Trees: Emotions, Magnolia: Dream Work, Gardenia:

Spirit Guides, Love, Lavender: Summons Spirits, Water Plants: Dreams

Journey Incense- Lotus, Sandalwood, Myrrh, Mugwort, Camphor, Vanilla, Violet

Dream Teas- Chamomile, Jasmine (Shamanic Intuitions), Raspberry, Catnip, Cherry, Hibiscus
In the West We Work With- Journeys: Mapping our Inner Quests, Inner Vision: Finding Formulas for Consciousness,

Self-Healing: Maintaining personal wellness,

Balancing: Harmonizing Aspects of Self.

Sacred Minerals- Aquamarine: For inner journeys, serenity, Water Colored Crystals: For psychic Flow, River Stones: For Emotions, Silver: For Intuition, Amestyst: For inner journeys, soothing emotions, Mercury: For changeable emotions, White Coral: For Flexability, Rainbow Crystals: For Shamanic Journeys, Blue Flourite: For Shamanic Journeys and Dreams, Double-Terminated

Crystals: For Healing energies, Tranclucent, Crystalline stones, River or Ocean Rocks, Platinum, Coral and Shells

Human World Helping Activities- Dream Work, Shamanic Consciousness Work, Earth Journeys, Eastern Void Meditation, Healing Circles, Self-Healing, Love, Personal Healing, Spirit Guides
Helping Thoughts- Feelings are but tiny trickles, and emotions gentle brooks, leading to the great rivers, of Inner Knowing and Dreams, All are pulled to the Deep Ocean Mother, by the Lady of the Healing Lights.

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  1. Thank you kindly for your time & efforts to complete the ‘set’. This helps me tremendously and I imagine it will help someone else too. Be well.


    1. Glad I could help, sweetie. Need anything else, just let me know.
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