Weekly LightBlast: My Heart and My Love

Weekly LightBlast: My Heart and My Love

a message from Jamye Price

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Dear One, the power of the heart is your freedom, for it is the vessel of Love’s resonance pulsing through you. This nurturing pulse creates and continues Life. You can not truly separate any aspect of you, yet you can observe its separate functionality in physical form and see clues to the invisible, fully connective realms. There are always clues in the physical leading to your next level of connection. Embrace every aspect of physicality and you open to expansion.

While your expansion is infinite, form is finite. The two Meet in the Middle of your experience; infinity giving way to finite form and finite form melding into infinity. This is so natural, and so invisible, that you often sleep through the connection until the mind begins to understand the invisible nature of life and the heart begins to understand the nature of loving pain into connection. We say loving pain into connection for humanity often resists the transformation of pain, allowing it to stop at the perception of death.

Your power to Love is a game changer in the game of life, but you must understand the rules of conditional experience meeting unconditionality. Condition applies to form, there are external conditions that must be met in order to continue physical expression and expand on Earth. These are the boundary conditions that create your experience. Unconditional is invisible; it is internal and it is where you begin to apply the infinite to the finite of physical form, expanding its boundaries to incorporate the next level of connection into your Earth experience. It is the middle road, expanding out, connecting and expanding further.

Observe what connections, what transformations, you resist and you find where you stop or compartmentalize your expansion. As you Love into Life while honoring your current physical conditions, you expand beyond them into new Love. Your connection with the infinite unites the finite with its invisible opposite, transcending duality into connection.

As we sit to Blast My Heart and My Love, we are releasing pain into the infinite embrace of Love and becoming free to unite with Life. We are expressing the Self through the connection of Love, beginning within and exemplifying out. We are finding a new perspective of transformation available within each experience calling for Love’s embrace. We are forgiving easily, for the touch of the infinite opens the mind to the heart’s connective power. We are nurturing new Life, the future; for its seed is resting in our hearts, awaiting the Light of our Love to call it forth into blossom. Blast on!

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