A Blast from the Past – Our Favorite Furry Familiars Of The Day

Today’s Favorite Furry Familiar

Name: Bob the Destroyer
Age: Eight years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Orange Tabby
Home: Guelph, Ontario, Canada

This is Bob the Destroyer. Yes, that’s his real name. Around 8 years ago my wife said she wanted a kitten. We already had a geriatric dog we’d inherited from her father, and her own cat, so I wasn’t keen on the idea. But my wife knew my weakness for orange tabbies and told me a pet shop nearby had some.

I told her the only way we were getting a cat is if we named him “Bob the Destroyer.” She agreed without hesitation, which took me aback. I thought something that ridiculous would never fly.

The name turned out to be somewhat prophetic. Turned out he had fleas, and refused to use the high quality wood pellet litter (thank goodness … that stuff cost a fortune). He also had a hernia that our vet said was the second largest he’d ever seen on a cat, and had to be dealt with immediately. This despite the fact the pet shop worker told us the hernia was no big deal, and his boss said he saw them all the time.

When we contacted the pet shop about the problems we had with Bob, he said we could bring him back to the store and he would “take care of it.” Well … tiny Bob had already captured our hearts, and the sinister nature of his words left no doubt in our minds what he would do to the poor cat. We filed a complaint with the BBB, and he wound up losing his accreditation over it. The store no longer exists, and we learned a valuable lesson that pet stores aren’t a good place to get an animal.

Bob is extremely affectionate. He’s super patient with our children, to the point that our youngest son cuddles on top of the cat, and Bob stays put without any signs of irritation. I think this may be because I’ve played with him like he’s a dog since we got him. Bob loves to get strong pats! He loves to snuggle, and MROW’s late at night as he wanders around the house, as though he’s letting us know the place is secure.

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