Today Is …


Today Is …

Day of Dedication to the Star Goddess. Stay up late tonight and star gaze; learn the myths associated with the constellations you are able to identify.

On this day in the year 1938, the Long Island Church of Aphrodite was established in West Hempsted, New York, by the Reverend Gleb Botkin, a Russian author and son the court physician to the last Czar of Russia.

May 5-6 Hidrellez -The Turks celebrate the first of May with picnic outings, to celebrate the spring. One of the traditional dishes served is a Yayla Chorbash, a yogurt soup, which features many foods associated with May Day including dairy, fresh herbs and the colors of white and green.

St George’s Day -Although Apr 23 is usually considered St George’s Day, Eastern Christians prefer this date. It’s again a day for going outside. Serbs rise early, before dawn and go out into the woods to bring back flowers and green for decorating homes, schools and meeting halls. It’s considered a hinge day (just like Beltane), and the start of the swimming season.

On this day Bulgarians used to smear their doorjambs with fresh lamb’s blood as a charm against sickness and evil, which suggests the older custom that underlies the story of Passover and may be related to a feast of shepherds in the spring. Especially since in Bulgaria it is on this day that farmers ask St George to send them an even bigger lamb, promising to use it in the ceremony the next year. In Russia, this day is especially connected with soldiers, as is St George.
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