My friends, I hope you have a very beautiful & blessed Sunday afternoon!

Blessed Be My Friend Pictures

Well my friends, I hate to leave good company but the truth be told, this beast about beat my rump. I have several closed graphics sites that I use when I am designing new graphics for this one. I spent about two hours whipping them up over there and then about 12 hours transferring everything over. It was one thing after another. But now that it has had its trial run today, I will say it was time well spent. The site ran smoothly, posted quickly, with just a few bugs to iron out. I believe they are now ironed out, those bugs involved people receiving our posts through email. Somewhere along the line, the color is suppose to switch over for those people. But it didn’t. I had to go back and redo those posts and finally the template got the hint. It started changing things over to the proper color.

I feel like our posting problems are solved for the next four years away. I will ask a favor of you. Since we went from a white background to a black background, you will run across posts that you can’t read. When you do please let us know, that way we can switch the color over on them. I know it is suppose to happen automatically but I don’t have much faith in technology anymore. So please report any of those to us.

I have my eyes propped open with toothpicks and before those toothpicks break I still have work to do. I have the blog page here to do and about six other sites that are waiting for a thing or two to be changed on them. So with that in mind, wish me good luck and I am off to work again. Tomorrow, we will be running 100% now that we know that we can again. Till then, my sweets……

Have a very blessed Sunday!

Love ya,

Lady A