Triskelion Rite of Tea



The purpose of this working is to pay homage to the Gods and to reflect on Their blessings upon this your life.



· Herb(s) for tea
· Container for herb(s)
· Cup(s) and Tea Pot
· Decanter of Pure Spring Water
· Brewing dish with candle
· Scrying Candle

Prepare By:

Placing a small table or platform in the center of your working space and arranging the Brewing dish, herbs, cup(s), Tea Pot and spoon on the table. Also place the cauldron with scrying candle within for use during the meditation. (Use the diagram, which follows, as a guide for arranging of the tools.)


Prior to casting the Circle, light candle and fill the Brewing dish with Spring Water from a decanter. Keep the Brewing Dish covered during the Casting, as I have found this helps the water to heat faster and hotter