To Make (Banish) An Enemy & Make Them Move Away

To Make (Banish) An Enemy & Make Them Move Away

Get a Bottle, like Pepsi bottle. Urinate in it. Have a sheet of paper with the person’s name on it. Get a Black candle and imagine the person moving away, feel the your hate make it happen. Pour the hate into the candle by tapping the wick. That’s how I anoint candles sometimes.

Anyways. Start to imagine the person move away, see them walk away with luggage, see them in a car driving away. See them packing up their clothes. See them on a plane flying away. Repeat to yourself:

“Move away, I banish you away, move away”

Touch the paper and let the feeling flow into the paper. Light the candle. Invoke Saturn. Open the bottle, set the paper on fire a little bit and throw it in the bottle. Throw in some vinegar, and some salt. Close the bottle and begin to imagine them leaving again, really want it. Repeat:

“Move away _______,
Move away. I banish you, move away.”

Then that’s it.

Explanation of items used in this spell:

Vinegar – Sour their lives

Salt – Banishing

Mars – Binding, Banishing, etc

Black Candle – Cause its black magick and its for banishing, binding and breaking through obstacles

Fire – Destruction.




4 thoughts on “To Make (Banish) An Enemy & Make Them Move Away

    1. I invoke the power of Saturn into my life.
      I call to you, Almighty Saturn to assist me in my work tonight.
      Help me achieve the goal that I desire.
      I have lived and I have learned,
      I have grown in wisdom and fairness.
      But still I cannot tolerate my current situation.
      I ask your aid, Almighty Saturn help me
      achieve my goal and return my life to normal.

      Or you can reword it anyway that you want. I apologize for taking so long to respond to you. It has been a tadbit busy around here for the last week or two. Good luck getting rid of the neighbors. Have a great weekend,
      Luv & Hugs,
      Lady A


    2. Dear Lady A, what do we do with the bottle? Do we bury somewhere and where, hide on their property, or throw into running water? Many thanks


      1. If at all possible you can bury it on their property but don’t get caught. The safest thing to do is bury the bottle on your property at the very back where your property and their property connects(in other words, on the property line). Also throwing the bottle in a moving body of water would work just as well. There are many ways to dispose of a bottle it just depends on what is most convenient for you. I hope I have answered your question for you, Melissa. Need anything else just holler.
        Lady A


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