Don’t Forget Our ISP Drive this Weekend

At this time, we will shortly be leaving the internet. As soon as our Service Provider sends us our final notice, we will be gone from the internet permanently. When I do receive this notice I will delete all trace of the WOTC from the internet. This site will no longer exist and all the other sites that are associated with the WOTC will neither. I have seen enough ghost sites on the internet and I won’t leave a site of ours like that.

I am going to extend the Drive a little longer. Perhaps by the grace of our Goddess, we will be spared. But something in my heart is telling me no matter what dreams we might have they are not to meant to come true. So when we have to say our final goodbye, hopefully someone else will pick up our mission and carry on. Maybe that is what is meant to happen. But I will guarantee you one thing, I will fight for the WOTC till they pull the plug on us.

I am going to say something I probably shouldn’t but I am rather upset right now. We were so close to reaching our goals. Then it is all jerked out from under us, I hope you understand. As many members as we have, if each one just donated a dollar, $1.00. We could survive for another six months. By that time, I would be able to make our server payment and never have to bother you for a dime again. But anyway, that is not to be and apparently this is the end of The WOTC.

At least one thing I am proud of, the WOTC, all the volunteers and myself will go out with a spotless reputation. After 10 years, I think that is something to be proud of. We have served the Pagan community to the best of our ability and now our time has come. But all good things must eventually come to an end as they say.

When we do get the disconnect notice, I don’t know how quick the server will pull us. So the minute I get it, is the minute I started deleting all our sites. That way you will know when you try to find us and we aren’t here what has happened. Like I mentioned earlier, I have seen too many ghost sites on the net and the WOTC will not be one of those. But until we get the final notice, we will carry on as usual. Then right before the disconnect date, all the sites will be deleted. So until that time, we will be here. Hoping and praying for a miracle.

Until that time comes, I am putting the matter in the Goddess’ hands. This is still time, the fat lady hasn’t sung yet.


I know I will hear, “you are always hollering for money.” No, I only holler about the Server Bill. The reason being it was discussed among a few of our members and myself that we needed to upgrade our systems to meet our needs. I was guaranteed by a certain few if I upgraded I wouldn’t have to worry about a thing. They would always take care of the server bill. Well it now appears these people have not heard my message or else they are hanging me out to dry. A good lesson that I might have learned to late, never trust anyone. Because in the end, you will be left all alone and crushed.

4 thoughts on “Don’t Forget Our ISP Drive this Weekend

      1. When I speak of the ISP bill, this bill is for our server that let’s us on the net. If it is not paid, then we have no internet access so we can’t make another site. We would normally be able to pay it and no one would know anything about it. But this winter we had $600 and $700 heating bill and we are left totally drained. Now we are thrown onto the mercy of the world. Which is a situation that I don’t like being in.


  1. I’am so deepen sadden for ya’ll(I’m from texas)I been reading your blog since 2010 or 2011 I cannot remember. I love reading ya’ll articles,And I hope The Goddess is upon ya’ll and tells ya’ll are not leaving from the internet.I wish ya’ll the best of luck!!!


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