The Daily Motivator for April 30th – Lighten up and live well

Lighten up and live well

You are an important, indispensable part of life on this day. Yet that is no reason to be arrogant.

You have a vital job to do. Yet that doesn’t mean you must be stuffy and overly serious.

You do things best when you do them joyfully. Lighten up, have fun, and spread true joy everywhere you go.

Be mature and responsible, but don’t be dull and brooding about it. Be purposeful and determined, but don’t be uptight about it.

Demonstrate your determination not with a rigid scowl on your face, but with joyous achievement. Life is an amazingly grand adventure, so allow yourself to experience and express delight in every moment.

See yourself as happily dancing through the moments of this day, and nothing will be able to bring you down. Live lightly, live joyously, and live well.

— Ralph Marston
The Daily Motivator