Let’s Talk Witch – Simple Kitchen Magick

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Let’s Talk Witch – Simple Kitchen Magick

You want fast, quick and simple spells and charms? Try working a little kitchen magick and see what you can create. The following posts contain spells that you can use for ideas or adapt them for your own personal purposes. By adding your own flair, this will personalize the spells and make them uniquely your own. Most of the ingredients for the following charms are common and readily available. Rummage around the kitchen cabinets—I bet you have many of the supplies already.

Please use natural cooking supplies and dishes or containers whenever possible. Glass, wood, and ceramic ware are much more conductive to natural magick energies than plastic. Metal bowls or trays will also work (remember that metal is one of the five elements of Feng Shui). If salt is called for in a spell, you may use sea salt or table salt whatever you have handy or would prefer.

As you close up and bind these kitchen charms and spells, try using this oldie but goodie standard closing line:


“By all the powers of three times three,
As I will it, so shall it be.”


Sure this magickal line is used all of the time. It’s a good one. By saying this closing line you are verbally reinforcing that you accept and embrace the idea of karma. You are also stating that you are working positive magick and that you embrace the Rule of Three.



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