Bobcat As A Totem – Keeper of Secrets


Keeper of Secrets


Meanings and Messages: secrecy, lonliness, meditation, trust, loyalty

The bobcat keeps to itself, enjoying a solitary life. Males and females come together for mating purposes in the wintertime but do not live as a family. The loner male is nomadic… and may have several mates stretched out over several different regions. Whereas the females do not wander far from home.

Bobcat has keen senses: seeing, hearing, and feeling. These abilities make the bobcat an excellent nocturnal hunter. Don’t even try to hide your true self or keep secrets from a person aligned with bobcat energies, they will see right through you.

People with the bobcat as their totem do tend to be loners or have a few select friends. They value being isolated from others but need to be careful not to become overly reclusive. They are trustworthy individuals and are often told confidences by close friends and mere acquaintances.