Herbs To Use When Making Herbal Candles

Below is list of some of the many possible herbs and their magickal qualities.


BASIL – Removes negativity from the home or workplace.

BAY LAUREL – Protection against evil influences, stops interference.

CATNIP -Courage, love and happiness, joy.

CHAMOMILE – Luck in gambling, luck in getting proposal of marriage.

CLOVE – Banishes evil, friendship, grants desires.

DANDELION – Helps to improve clairvoyance, purifies.

DRAGON’S BLOOD – Brings good luck, protection, money, love.

FRANKINCENSE – protection, purification, spirituality.

GINGER – Love, money, success, power.

JASMINE – Love, money, strengthens psychic abilities.

JUNIPER – Protection against theft, attracts love, aids in psychic development.

LAVENDER – Love, money, attracts help.

LEMON VERBENA – Guards against evil, repels those you do not love.

MARIGOLD – Gives clairvoyant dreams.

MARJORAM – Protection.

MUGWORT – Protection, strengthens psychic abilities, aides in divination.

MYRRH – Purification, protection, spirituality.

NUTMEG – Luck, love, prosperity, fertility.

ORRIS ROOT – Aids in divination, attracts love.

PATCHOULI – Breaks spells placed on you, attracts money, defeats enemies.

PEPPERMINT – Purification, love, increases psychic ability.

PINE – Purification.

ROSE PETALS – Love, happiness in the home.

ROSEMARY – Healing for headaches, keeps a lover faithful.

RUE – Defense against spells and dark magick, repels negativity.

SAGE – Purification, protection, wisdom.

ST. JOHN’S WORT – Happiness, healing, courage, love, protection, divination.

SANDALWOOD, RED – Healing, protection, spirituality, wishes come true.

SANDALWOOD, YELLOW – Protection, spirituality

THYME – Cures nightmares.

VERVAIN – Repels psychic attack, purification, gaining love or wealth.

WORMWOOD – Repels negative magick.

YARROW – Divination, love spells, keeps couple happily married.