Magickal Activity for Rama’s Day – Mirror Magick

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Magickal Activity for Rama’s Day

Mirror Magick


One of the symbols of Rama is the mirror, the symbol of truth, self-knowledge, and wisdom. As a moon deity, Rama reflects the glory of Vishnu, much in the same way the moon reflects the splendor of the sun. Magickally, the mirror reflects the true identity of the human soul and can be used to divine the future.

The most versatile mirror for magickal work is full length, has three panels, and provides a view of three sides of an image at once. When this triple reflective quality is combined with candlelight, it creates a very mystical effect.

Stand the mirror in the corner of a darkened room and place a lighted candle before each panel. Position a chair facing the center panel. Sit in the chair, take several deep breaths, and relax. Stare fixedly at the reflected image of the center candle flame, pose your question, and look deep into the mirror. The mirror will begin to cloud or fog with a swirling veil of ethereal mist. Through the mist, an image will appear and answer your query. When the image begins to fade, so will the mist. Once the mirror is clear, extinguish the candles, cover the mirror with a dark blue or black velvet drape, and record the experience in your magickal journal or Book of Shadows.