Mundane Magick

Mundane Magick

Author: Soull the University Witch 

There are days in which I find myself feeling as if I have forgotten that I am, indeed, a Witch.

When I walk past the living room, I spare a glance with brown eyes at the small altar my partner Lore and I have crafted together using beautiful objects I have collected over the year of us being together. Our first chalice of red and clear glass, the miniature cast iron cauldron, and the brass lantern I had acquired years ago when I was thirteen. I still had it in my possession, even after over ten years. These objects, as well as many others, sat atop a wooden shelf, alone.

They gathered dust far quicker than the speed in which the days passed.

The daily grind can get to a person. The day passes, and you head to bed. Your head touches the pillows, and underneath the warmth of your secure blankets, you fall asleep. The sun rises. The day comes, and you awaken, pull on your clothes, and head out the door. You work. You eat. You come home. After commencing daily tasks, and wind down, you’re heading back to bed again. You may pass many, many days, allowing them to lapse in the same way over and over again, until you realize…

…Where have they gone?

On that shelf, the dust is still there.

It’s easy to forgot, amidst the glamour of the media and our own personal fantasies… that being a Witch does not necessarily mean living up that name at every opportunity. All of that is a front. Not all of us can remember to toss a prayer or thanks to the God and Goddess when something pleasant comes our way, or thank the patrons when a spell we may have managed to squeeze in a couple of weeks ago finally comes to fruition. That’s all right. The God and Goddess can forgive us for our thoughtlessness once in awhile. There are Sabbats that we may find ourselves forgetting about, or end up not having the time to celebrate it at all, not with all the other “mundane” holidays we may have to prepare for (cramming Thanksgiving in between Samhain and Yule, for example) . Often times, a full moon passes us, and there is no spell casting, nor celebration.

It just passes us by.

…Or does it?

It is during these days in which I sit, my laptop computer warm against my legs as I lean against my floral print couch and stare into my cup of tea that I think… what does it really mean to be a Witch? Or rather… am I really doing all that is needed to call myself a Witch?

Even now, I ask these questions of myself that I thought I had answered years ago.

Doesn’t everybody?

It all boils down to something that magick-users alike perhaps forget. We may hear it often, but there is very little within ourselves that helps to drive it home. No, you do not need to cast spells everyday in order to be called a Witch. No, you’re not required to be in a coven to be a Witch. No, there is no need to throw yourself out into the backyard every full moon and dance under it skyclad in order to call yourself a Witch. That’s just crazy talk.

“But what about the days outlined above?”, you may ask. “The days that pass again and again, and I forget, and forget, and when I look upon my altar, or at my spell books or Book of Shadows, and its not lined with words I have written of my rituals… but with dust?”

I’ve learned, while being a Witch… the days that you are not practicing magick are what truly define you.

Read about the day I had today:

Today, my alarm went off at 9:50am. I had stayed up late the night before, meticulously adjusting the Twitter feed for my blog. I hit the snooze button three times, and cuddled into Lore. I finally rose at 10:05am. I needed to get ready for work. I shuffled out of bed, and checked my email, looking over my bank account. My paycheck had rolled in sometime the previous day. I turned on Loreena McKennitt on iTunes, and slowly got dressed for work in the usual black suit uniform. I skipped on breakfast, and soon, I had to run out the door. I ran back into the bedroom to grab my promise ring—the one I had chosen specifically for the month of November, an orange topaz—and I kissed Lore three times on the cheek. “I love you”, then out the door. I whistled and looked up at the clouds, and I attempted to foresee the rest of the day in them. Cloudy, but calm… a slight breeze. I felt that my air element was at my side. It couldn’t be a bad day, right? When I arrived at work, I was late. I ran into Santa Claus as I sped through Nordstrom to make it to the management office of the large shopping center. He smiled and wished me a “Merry Christmas”; I smiled back and replied, “Have a happy Yule.” I ran up the two escalators to make it to the top floor. I tore through the mall to the other end. I pulled out my keys, smiled to the lone Eye of Horus keychain I kept on it, and escaped into the office. I clocked in, and ran back downstairs, and the workday began. During the day, three children had become lost in the shopping center. I sat with one girl and asked her how her Halloween went. I told her about the tradition of wearing masks to scare away the bad spirits. Her mother came, and I thanked the God and Goddess she hadn’t been left behind. I looked up the Harry Potter Blu-Ray box set I was planning on buying a friend for Yule. I thought about what kind of wand I would have if I were in Harry Potter. I was nudged out of my elaborate daydream of running my own metaphysical shop when my shift ended, and it was time to go home. I bought a tin of Godiva hot chocolate for the home, and matching socks for Lore and I, just because I wanted to buy a small gift. As I waited for the bus to come pick me up, I found a heads up penny. I chimed the usual “good luck” phrase as I tucked it into my pocket. When I arrived home after a pleasant day, I entered the keypad code to our apartment—an intricate star-and-number pattern.

It was a day like all days. No spell work. No magick. I passed the altar… and it was still dusty.

But when I looked back over my day… I knew for certain, I was a Witch through and through. How?

I had been tired because I had been working on my blog about being a witch. I hit my alarm three times—I always did. Three is a powerful number, and.. third time is the charm. I turned on Loreena McKennitt to listen to the song “All Souls Night”. My promise ring was the birthstone for November, because I had read that a stone’s magick was strongest when worn during the month it had been assigned to… and I always wanted Lore and I’s love to be at its strongest. While walking to the bus stop for work, I attempted to have a hand at nephomancy: the art of divining clouds. I thought about my element when a wind fluttered by. When I met Santa in the make-up section as I breezed through, I hadn’t wished him a “Merry Christmas”, but a “Happy Yule” without a passing thought. My keychain is adorned with the Eye of Horus, so they would always be in sight (though I still lose them, ha ha) . I taught a little girl about Gaelic culture. I thanked my patrons when she was returned safely to her mother. Harry Potter; does more need to be said? I dreamed about future aspirations of being surrounded by magick in a new age shop, thinking of what I would sell, what I would wear, and how I would run it. I still believe heads up pennies are magickal and are capable of bringing good fortune. My home’s keycode was thought out using shapes and numerology.

This is how I know.

When you are a Witch… even when living the life of a mundane…

Magick is everywhere.

2 thoughts on “Mundane Magick

  1. I have been reading your articles quite a lot, and I have had some strange things happen to me in my life, like when I was little, I used to see this dark figure of a man, always peeping at me at my bedroom door, we had an Ouija board and me and my siblings played with not knowing what power it held, and we asked questions and it moved, could we have opened the way for a bad spirit to come in, because our lives as our father’s children, has been quite troublesome indeed. I, on the other hand have always been curious of the craft, and I have always wanted to know more about the stars, I study the horoscopes, and I am just intrigued with witchcraft and tarot cards, but we were raised to only believe in God, which I do, but I have always felt that there is something more that most people don’t know about. I have tingling feelings when I’m in certain places, and I have always been misunderstood, and bullied, but I always fought back. I watched my older female family members discuss roots, and voodoo/hoodoo, and the things root workers done to people. I am a Gemini, and I have always felt that I was truly different; could I possibly be a witch, and just not know? How do I figure it out?? I also felt that someone has tried to harm me, with a curse because things keep happening to me that just don’t seem right. I hope I have not offended God, or any other deity, with my absence of knowledge. Can I talk to someone who may can help me to know? I read The Lady of The Abyss all the time; maybe she can help me. I am a kindred spirited person who gives all the time, but get used and mistreated back, most of the time, some of them deserve to be reprimanded for their actions! What can I do?? Please HELP!! Sincerely, Vernesta
    P.S.- I really need a spell blessing for financial and job assistance so I can get back on my feet, and be able to live better without so much stress.


    1. Good Morning Vernesta,
      I have waited to respond to your comment. The reason being is because I really didn’t know what to say to you. I really wanted to jump down your throat for using a Ouija Board and not knowing what you were doing. Only a person very experienced with the Occult has any business dealing with the Boards. It upsets me to see or hear of kids using them as play pretty’s. I guess the reason for that line of thinking is because Parker Brothers put most of the ones available today out. The problems you are facing right now could be due to your use of that Board many years ago. If you did not close the porthole then it is probably the cause.

      I use a Ouija board occasionally by myself. I wouldn’t advise anyone of doing so. I take every precaution in the book. I cast the circle. I lite the protective candles, burn dragon’s blood incense and ask the Goddess to come and be beside me. Then I start my session. When I am through, I thank the spirits for their guidance and dismiss them. You do this by moving the pointer back to “good-bye.” That officially closes the porthole. If you didn’t do that and you said that you contacted a spirit, no telling what you let through the porthole. This entity has probably haunted and caused you and your family all these problems for years.

      You need to do a house cleansing, blessing, and warding. These suggestions should run off the negative entity. But take into consideration it has been there a long time and it could be hard to get rid of. In that case, you might have to do a Witch’s exorcism. If you need any help with any of these suggestions, let me know. Let’s concentrate on getting rid of the entity first, then we will move onto your other questions.

      I will add one thing more, you mentioned you believed in God. So do Wiccans and Witches, most people think we don’t, but we do. We believe in a Divinity higher than ourselves, the Goddess and Gods. Most women will refer to the Goddess, while the men refer to the God. We are not a religion without Divine guidance. I know my Goddess is real because I have seen Her at work in the world and my own personal life. There is nothing wrong with you believing in God. But I will tell you real quick that Christianity and The Craft do not work together. There are too many conflicts between the two religions. So if you are considering to becoming a witch, you will have to make a choice. Frankly, I wouldn’t want to be part of a Religion that says, “Suffer not a witch to live,” and I was a practicing witch.

      Anyway, get going on my suggestions. If you need any other help, just holler. Then after you have that taken care of, we will move on to your next questions. Till then…
      Blessings, Peace & Comfort,
      Lady A


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