It was an ancient belief that the Moon was the dwelling place of those souls who had passed from the physical life. Old myths speak of the God, as the Sun, crossing the sky each day and gathering the souls of all who had died during the night. He would then carry them off to the West, and down into the Underworld. Here they were presented to the Goddess (remember, the moon sets in the west too) who then carried them off to the Afterlife World. Aradia called this Realm, Luna. Today, many Wiccans refer to this concept as the Summerland.

Luna is a “place” in which the soul is renewed and revitalized. It can then become prepared for its next incarnation, or in some cases, for its next “move” up into the Higher Dimensions (when it no longer requires the need for the physical dimension experiences). The Moon is connected to the cycles of Fertility, the Tides, and to menstruation. It is not difficult to see why the ancients then linked the Moon to the cycles of Death and rebirth.

Old legends spoke of the Moon receiving souls from the physical life, and that the light of the moon swelled with the collective light of their spirit bodies. As the souls returned back into the World, the light of the Moon began to wane.

The old teachings say that in Luna, there is communion with those who have gone before us, and that “plans” are made to be reborn among those who we knew before. In a way this also addresses the issue of “Karmic” links and connections.

The “portal” to the Realm beyond Life, stands at the Western Quarter. This association was established due to the fact that the Sun and the Moon “disappear” in the West, just as we too, in our time, disappear. The association of a body of Light and the Soul, also seem to have originated with this concept, and the non-physical (yet physical) properties of the Sun and the Moon, as “understood” by the Ancient Peoples.

The beliefs of a People, have a powerful impact upon the Astral material, of the Astral Dimension. Within the Astral Plane, thoughts ARE things. So, it is here that the Summerland, or Luna, exists.