What Is An Astral Candle & How To Make One

Astral Candle

An astral candle is used in our tradition to represent a person, generally yourself, on the altar. It is used at Esbats to link your subconscious to the group’s subconscious. Because the altar represents the subconscious mind, when you are doing work alone, the altar is your subconscious representation. But in a group, it represents the group mind, and so to link ourselves to that group mind, we light our astral candle and place it on the altar. It also signifies that we are here of our own free will, and we intend to fully participate in the coming ritual


How To Make An Astral Candle for Your Altar

Referring to the table below, you will use a larger candle for the primary colour as your base, and a smaller candle for the secondary colour. You will carve your name, birthdate, symbol or sigil on the larger candle. You can use a “sacred toothpick” or your Athame, or your Boline, whatever your tradition or your own personal preferences dictate. You can carve into this candle whatever you use to symbolically represent yourself; whether that be your craft name, or some glyph or sigil. You can put your astrological sign on there also.

Now, use the smaller candle to drip onto the larger one. This is best done over a paper towel, as it gets a bit messy. You can drip in any patterns that please you, spirals, stripes, dots, whatever. When covered to your satisfaction – add breath to your candle by blowing on it. This joins your essence, your breath, to the candle. Hold the candle with your pinky’s together, palms out, with the candle resting on your pinky fingers, and the wick up. Start from the base to the wick, blowing up. Turn the candle 1/3 around, and blow from base to wick up again. Turn the candle once more 1/3 turn, and blow again up from base to wick. (3 turns, 3 breaths)

Dressing – anoint with your zodiacal oil by putting oil onto palms and rubbing them vigorously together. Then starting from middle to wick, rub palms on candle up 3 times. Now turn the candle around, so that the base is at the top, and dress from middle to base 3 times. Turn the candle again so that the wick is at the top and then dress from base to wick 3 times. It is not necessary to put more oil on your hands to do this, one application will be enough oil.

Protect this candle because it now has a psychic link to you.