Good Wednesday Morning, my dear family & friends!

Friendship Comments & Graphics
Pray for the injured students that attend Franklin Regional High School in Murrysville, Pa. Remember their parents as they go through this traumatic times and also their friends and classmates.  

Crone Mother, wise woman, you have
give us all sort of herbs, barks, flowers,
and roots that can heal us. Please grant
the doctors attending the injured the
knowledge and wisdom to best use your
energies in healing these students.


Dear Father, healing physician, please
send forth your healing energies and put
and end to these students’ suffering and
pain. Heal them as only you can, Divine


Thank you for your endless compassion
that you show to all your children.
So Mote It Be.

Prayer for the Parents


O dearest Goddess, Mother of the Great
Earth, blue waters and the silver Moon,
please be with the parents of those injured
students this morning. Stress and confusion
have taken over their lives and they feel
lost and alone. Wondering about their
children’s fate. Ease this heavy burden as
I know only you can. Reassure them, their
children’s health is in your hands and You
with all Your Mighty Power will heal their
children. Returning each child to his or her
parents healthy and strong.


O dearest God, Father of the dark forests
and shimmering mountains, grant those
parents your spiritual strength so that they
can come through this time of crisis and
get back to normal life once again.


Dear Father & Mother, watch over
all concerned this morning. Whether
they be victim, family, or friends show
them your love, compassion and comfort
in this their hour of need.
So Mote It Be.