Calendar of the Sun for Wednesday, April 2nd

Calendar of the Sun

2 Eostremonath

Day of Macha’s Race

Color: Red
Element: Fire
Altar: Upon a red cloth set the figure of a running horse, two red candles, and incense of cedar.
Offerings: The morning exercise should be running, or fast walking for those who cannot run. Ideally, there should be racing, or each should try to push their own boundaries with regard to what they can and cannot achieve on their run.
Daily Meal: Plain, nutritious, athletic.

Invocation to Macha

Swift as the wind,
Faster than a brush fire
Sweeping through the forest,
Sometimes horse, sometimes woman,
Wild, free, untamed,
Lady of Ulster, you have no patience
With those who abuse their power
And force a woman with child
To race the king’s horses,
As did the Lord of Ulster.
You have no patience
With those who lack courage,
With those who dally and loiter,
With those who have no convictions
That they will stand up to defend,
As did your mortal husband.
You have no patience with those
Who stand by and laugh
At the misfortune of innocents,
As did the men of Ulster.
And to this very day,
There are still those whose misery
Stems from your righteous anger.
We would ask you for mercy,
Lady of the flashing hooves,
But we know that you would consider
Your implacable and unstinting standards
To be the far greater gift.

Song: Horse Goddess



[Pagan Book of Hours]