Herbal Bathing

Herbal Bathing

By Kami McBride

Herbal bathing is a great way to relax, heal and support healthy skin function. The skin is the largest organ in the body. It contributes to many important functions such as secretion, absorption, excretion, temperature regulation, immune function, and sensory reception. The skin has receptor sites that transfer information through the nervous system to the spinal cord and brain. It not only provides a boundary between us and the rest of the world, but because of its millions of receptor sites, is a major player in how we perceive, experience, and interact with the world.

The skin is also a major organ of elimination just like our lungs, kidneys and colon. It plays a key role in helping our body to eliminate toxins, heavy metals, and carcinogenic substances. Herbs have many healing benefits for the skin and there are many simple herbal bathing treatments that can help our skin do its job of keeping us healthy.

Herbal Baths

Nerve Tonic Bath
4 gallons water
½ cup lavender leaf and flower
½ cup oatstraw
½ cup lemon balm
1 cup whole oats
Invigorating Bath
4 gallons water
½ cup rosemary
½ cup calendula
½ cup yarrow leaf
and flower
Bedtime Bath
4 gallons water
2 cups lavender
1 cup chamomile
Pleasure Bath
4 gallons water
4 cups rose petals
De-tox Bath
4 gallons water
1 cup burdock root
1 cup elder flowers
1 cup yarrow flowers
1 cup Epsom salts


Kami’s Calming Garden Bath
2 cups lavender flowers
2 cups lemon verbena leaf
1 cup rosemary leaf and flower
1 cup California poppy leaf and flower
½ cup catnip leaf


Healing flower Bath
½ cup fresh calendula flowers
½ cup fresh lavender flowers
½ cup rose geranium leaf
½ cup fresh rose petals
½ cup fresh peppermint leaf


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